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January 24, 2018

Prides has returned with a new song named Born To Be Whole, and we’ve never felt more whole now that the Glaswegian synthpop duo are finally back on the map with new music. The pair are preparing to release a new EP come March 30th. We’ll be aching for A Mind Like The Tide pt. 2 in the coming weeks, particularly after Prides has serenaded us with this luscious synthpop ballad, an 80s inspired beauty that combines a St. Lucia-evoking verdant soundscape and Great Good Fine OK’s slick retro synths, as well as the snappy beats and inebriating pop of early The 1975. Love is in the air, not only in Prides’ romantically ravishing new tune, but in my heart, too, as Prides fills a gaping hole with Born To Be Whole. The single can also be streamed via Spotify, here. Pre-order Prides new EP, here.

September 20, 2016

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Featured music – September 18th, 2016

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September 19, 2016

Scotland’s Prides comes at us anew with a song named Are You Ready, and I believe we can all agree that we’re always ready for more of their scintillating brand of alt and electro pop. Are You Ready is a luscious rousing taste from the band’s forthcoming sophomore album. It’ll whisk you right off your feet with its emotive aching vocals and thunderous soaring, 80′s inspired production. Are You Ready is out now on iTunes. As for that second full length album, I’m eagerly awaiting more news.

May 17, 2016

I still remember how I discovered Scottish band Prides. It was several years ago, when CHVRCHES was just breaking out of the gates and gaining much recognition for their vivid electropop. I noticed they kept mentioning a band named Prides, whom I duly checked out (and they went on to open for CHVRCHES on tour, if I recall correctly). I was instantaneously taken by the band’s explosively hooking synthpop, and I’ve been a fan since. Prides makes an epic return today with their first new song since last year’s debut album The Way Back Up. Rome thunders and clatters exuberantly. Prides goes bigger than they’ve ever gone on the whirlwind thriller, even exuding some The 1975 demeanor on the dashing gust of lavish opulence. Rome is out today on iTunes.

April 5, 2016

UK producer Draper and Scottish electropop band Prides are two acts I’ve been heartily heaping praise on for over two years now. The planets align in heavenly serendipity as the two team up on gloriously pulsating Break Over You, a scintillating combination of the two’s sounds. Prismatic beats, glamorous synths, and smooth pop come together for one splashy, flashy extravaganza much like a motley patchwork formed by bits and pieces of CHVRCHES, The 1975, and The Wombats. Draper explains that the bombastic song is about “going all in, no holds barred”.

July 2, 2015

By now, you probably know full well that I’m a devoted fan of rising Norwegian pop artist Aurora and her enchanting, bewitching music. Aurora’s latest spellbinding single Running With The Wolves has received an airy, charming indie electronic remix by Scottish electropop band Prides, who gives the song a delicate fragility along with its playful springiness. It sparkles, twinkles, and pulses with an icy beauty.

May 1, 2015

As a fan of swooning Scottish electropop band PRIDES, I was elated to see that they’ve remixed UK act Young Kato’s recent infectious single Children Of The Stars. Prides creates a honeyed, buoyant indie electronic rendition of the song, full of high flying energy and invigorating, sparkling synths. It’s like a blend of Two Door Cinema Club and Bastille but hopped up on some warm and dazzling electronic caffeine. 

January 31, 2015

We go from the soothing tropics and shift over to a heady, glitchy, ethereal world, courtesy of a whimsical remix of alt rock band Twin Atlantic’s Oceans by fellow Scottish act Prides. The electropop act’s interpretation of Oceans gives it endless frothy, bubbly, and shimmering waves. It gives us a notion of how Twin Atlantic would sound if they were a synthpop band.

January 24, 2015

Jack Garratt is easily one of my favorite new British artists of late, and one to keep a close eye on as this year progresses. I’m also very fond of Scottish electropop band Prides, who I had the pleasure of catching live last year and was much impressed. So, what happens when you blend the two’s style together? Find out by listening to an incredible, exceptional, breathtaking remix of Jack Garratt’s The Love You’re Given by Prides. It gives me shivers down my spine, it’s that beautiful, with its ethereal production and hauntingly chopped vocals.

October 14, 2014

In a combo of two things I’m extremely fond of, Scottish electropop band Prides has remixed Boston synthrockers Magic Man’s Texas. Texas also happens to be one of my favorite infectious Magic Man anthems, too, off of terrific debut album Before The Waves. Prides’ version of Texas is a sugary electronic treat, full of jagged bounce and pitchy vocals. All of a sudden, Magic Man sounds like a caffeinated, bubbling, effervescent AFI. Whoa.