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April 20, 2018

[PREMIERE]   Linney – The Hurt

Heartbreak has never felt more lusciously sublime and pleasantly euphoric than while listening to The Hurt, Los Angeles based singer songwriter Linney’s brand new single. Her sweetly perfumed, fragrantly candied voice is beautifully soothing on the synth aureate, guitar buoyant pop ballad. Linney previously stole our hearts with heartfelt, misty songs like Alone Tonight and That Night. The blooming starlet even stole Halsey’s heart with her last single, Outta My Heart; Halsey professed her ardent adoration on Twitter. Linney’s fluorescent gleaming pop on The Hurt exudes a crystalline, honeyed enchantment much like that of Carly Rae Jepsen’s, but with the bright perky vivaciousness of HAIM or The Aces. Your heart may be aching from lovelorn woe, the world may seem like it’s “falling apart”, or you might feel like you’re “coming undone”, but suddenly, everything feels more than copacetic, thanks to this captivating chanteuse and her gorgeous new song. Linney’s The Hurt can also be streamed via Spotify, here. Make sure you follow Linney on Spotify and Instagram, here, where she’ll be going live tonight at 7pm PST to celebrate The Hurt’s release! We’re happy to announce that she’ll also be filming a music video today for The Hurt, and we can’t wait to see it!  The Hurt is also available via iTunes, here.

April 12, 2018


Belgium by way of London singer songwriter ANDRÆ, formerly known as Andre Tajchman, has been working on his new project for the past year. His meticulous dedication to crafting emotionally charged, atmospheric stunning soundscapes is more than apparent on new single Dam, our first taste of his forthcoming EP, Denial. Named after the Kübler-Ross model’s first stage of grief – ‘Denial’ – the EP will be a journey exploring the different emotions that accompany loss. ‘Dam’ is an analogy describing the breaking point when all repressed feelings finally flow out, destroying everything around. It’s a song about not being able to contain the pain that accompanies loss, and watching it come to the surface with force. Like a storm about to break, Dam is tightly wound and starkly striking. It courses with electrifying intensity despite its sparse minimalism and austere constitution. ANDRÆ’s soulful voice resonates with crisp, poignant clarity alongside Dam’s Balearic-styled steel drums. It’s a combination that evokes Nick Murphy and Jamie xx, steeped in gripping Until The Ribbon Breaks and SOHN-like aesthetics. The entrancing troubadour breaks down the walls that surround our hearts with the solemn weight of his grief driven, heartbreak inspired song, offering us the sweet release we need to begin healing from our very own blistering wounds. Watch ANDRÆ’s music video, shot in Hackney Wick, London, below. You can keep up with  ANDRÆ via his website, Facebook, or Instagram

April 6, 2018

[PREMIERE]  Aleks Grey – Let Go

Singer songwriter Aleks Grey, the latest fine addition to Norwegian record label Toothfairy’s roster, is inspired by bands such as Coldplay and OneRepublic. He’s amassed an impressive amount of radio play and streaming numbers both back at home and internationally, as well as received praise from a wide array of music publications and blogs alike. Today, Aleks releases his new pop single, Let Go, a vibrantly infectious ballad that bursts wide open with vivacious synths and animated beats. He takes the anthemic pop rock of the very bands who inspire him and elevated it to a whole new level by modernizing it with spirited electronic accents. Aleks Grey’s expressively compelling vocals swiftly capture the heart on his song, which he wrote and produced in collaboration with Viljar Losnegard and Sivert Hagtvet in Whiteroom Studios in Asker. Aleks sings about letting go of something good in order to obtain something better. As we well know, it’s always scary to let go, but with Aleks Grey urging us on and inspiring us with his sanguine driving ballad, anything seems possible. Let Go is also available on Soundcloud and Tidal. Aleks Grey answers some questions below:

1. What is your musical background and how did you get in to making music?

I’ve always loved music, ever since I was a little kid. I started to perform in front of my family when I was just 3-4 years old. I first started taking piano lessons when I was 8 years old, then guitar at 12, and I had my first singing lessons around 16-17. I started to write my first songs when I was around 10 years old, and I’ve kept at it since then. I’ve always wanted to be an artist, so it has always been a normal, and almost necessary thing for me to do – write songs that is. 

2. Norway is producing a lot of good artist at the moment, why do you think that is?

I think there has been a good music scene for some time, but not as recognized by the international scene until a few years ago. Almost weird to say that it started with Ylvis and “The Fox”, but quick to follow you had Nico & Vince and their massive hit “Am I Wrong”, and now you have Kygo, Sigrid, Aurora, Matoma, Astrid S and many more. I think it is a boost for other artists, at least it is for me, to see others succeed. Take Sigrid for instance. She grew up an hour or two away from where I grew up, and she’s killing it at the moment, that makes me believe that I doesn’t matter where you come from, as long as your music is good enough. So I think there’s been a boom the past few years, and there are a lot of good songwriters, producers, musicians and artists coming alive in the music scene her in Oslo, but also in Bergen and the rest of the country. And you also have to give credit to many indie labels and managements working hard to promote new, Norwegian music. 

3. How did “Let Go” come together and how was the production process?

Sometimes you can write a song in less then an hour, that was not the case here. I found the first draft the other day, the first ever Logic session, and it was dated March 4th 2017. 

So it took me almost a year to get it together. I started out as a ballad. Very dark and muddy, slow. I sent it over to a producer duo, Sivert Hagtvet and Viljar Losnegård at Whiteroom Studios here in Oslo. They liked it, but told me that they got more of a Chainsmokers vibe, a bit more upbeat. So I re-wrote it, and brought it back for our first session. We had our first session at the end of the summer of 2017, and finished it just around Christmas. We we-wrote bits, worked on the lyrics, the melodies and arrangement. Was a long process, but I think we got there in the end, and now we’re all pleased with it. But I promise you it’s very different from that first draft..

4. When can we expect new music from you?

Yes. I’m already finishing up some new tracks, and I’m always working on new ideas. So I hope there is lots to come in the near future. K

Keep up with Aleks Grey on his website, here.

March 20, 2018

[PREMIERE] Bohkeh – Hold You

Some dreamy canoodling and sweet future vibes seem like the perfect way to warm up on this cold, stormy day in Northern California. Though electronic music usually evokes sticky, sweaty dance floors and cramped, delirious crowds, RJ Lim, a producer from Los Angeles who goes by the name of Bohkeh, provides us the glowing effervescence and luxuriantly aerated future feels we so desperately need on his sublime new track, Hold You. The artist, a rising maverick in the SoCal electronica scene who released a fine EP in 2017 named Café as well as plenteous other collaborations and remarkable remixes (including this recent edit of Petit Biscuit’s Problems featuring Lido), drenches us with snazzy beats and a saccharine groove on his radiant and plush new swooner. Hold You inebriates us to the fullest with an embracing saturation of throwback R&B pop and buoyant future beats. Bohkeh promises much more music to come soon as we all wade into our favorite time of the year, festival season. 

You can stream and purchase Hold You from iTunes, here, Spotify, here, or Bandcamp, here. Catch Bohkeh at the following shows in Southern California:

March 23 – BASSMT  in San Diego, CA *supporting Yetep  
April 5 – XOX in Rowland Heights,CA   *UNTLDL!VE x MOA
April 7 – House of Blues in Anaheim, CA *supporting PLS&TY –  Buy tix: – Use Promo Code: thefeels

Stream more of the rising producer’s music on Soundcloud, here.

February 5, 2018

[PREMIERE] La Bouquet – Loveless (Sunshine Sessions)

Leonardo Da Vinci once famously said, “a life without love, is no life at all.”  Even if some of our hearts have tucked themselves away to avoid getting crushed for the umpteenth time, we can live vicariously through the stripped back beauty and intimate charm of this finely rendered new acoustic video from La Bouquet. We join Bryan Sammis (The Neighbourhood, Olivver the Kid) and Jake Lopez as they melt us to no end with their poignantly heartfelt rendition of Loveless. La Bouquet made a huge imprint on the new music scene over a year ago with the debut single, a sleek stirring, infectious driving torrent of earthy alt rock and rambunctious alt pop. You can watch La Bouquet’s music video for Loveless, here.

The band’s performance of Loveless in their new “Sunshine Sessions” video is immaculate. Every strum, each twang, and even the raspy drawl of La Bouquet’s vocals on this gentle lullaby are deeply affecting, as if rising and reverberating from secret chambers within our own hearts. “Maybe I’m just hopeless enough to feel alone, but selfish enough to write this song,” they coo. Ah, but that’s there they get it wrong. It’s selfless of them to gift us such an earnestly moving ballad. It’s a heart-on-the-sleeve confessional, a piercingly sad and strikingly sincere meditation that feels particularly vulnerable and exposed on their cozy and pastoral new arrangement. 

Loveless can be found on La Bouquet’s four track debut EP, Heavy Sunshine, which is available from iTunesAmazonGoogle Play, and Spotify. Keep up with La Bouquet via FacebookTwitterInstagram, or their website, here.

February 1, 2018

[PREMIERE] Minno – Blackout ft. Shel Bee

Minno, the production sensation from the East Coast whose fed us a steady diet of phenomenal remixes and originals this past year, nearly plays mind tricks on us with his new original. Mystery and intrigue abound on future bass/melodic trap anthem Blackout. The darkly winding track takes us on a metaphysical voyage, one that defies the very confines of our mind. Reality and dream, nightmare and illusion fade and blur into one another indistinctly. Los Angeles’ Shel Bee leads us on the suspenseful journey with her smoky operatic vocals, guiding us through Minno’s bold and lavish soundscape. Like the very fish (minnow) that this producer seems to have named himself after, we swim and dive, twist and turn through this ocean of brisk swelling synths and deep rumbling, guttural gripping bass. It’s almost disorienting dissolving into this dark ballad, but in a deeply satisfying way. Some might find a “blackout” rather perturbing, but when it’s a grand and theatrical, intense and gripping sonic experience like what’s Minno meticulously crafted for our ears, it becomes a thrilling enlightenment, a visceral yet insightful trip through our own heads. You can also stream Minno’s inky opaque, weighty ominous song of bewitchment via Spotify, here. For more of Minno’s production bedazzlement, visit his Soundcloud page, here.

November 24, 2017

[PREMIERE] MONOGEM – I Am (Zach Nicita Remix)

Los Angeles based singer songwriter Jen Hirsch, aka MONOGEM, released her sophomore EP 100% earlier this year, and it’s a 100% must listen assortment of fine electronic and pop songs. Dip your ears in its succulence and sophistication via Soundcloud, here. Today, MONOGEM rounds out her 100% journey with a fresh new remix EP consisting of diverse & superb re-imaginations of the songs off the EP by skilled producers and fellow artists like Paperwhite, Jamie Prado, and ELIS. The four track pack also includes a lusciously ravishing remix of her sensuous billowing song I Am. Zach Nicita, a drummer and producer from New York, transforms the track into a bass rustling, synth smoldering affair. The orchestral lavish future bass/future R&B styled dance remix highlights MONOGEM’s spectacularly arching voice alongside its resplendently inebriating, bold and lush soundscape, leaving us writhing rhythmically in fevered pleasure. The full 100% Remix EP can be streamed off Soundcloud, here, and Spotify, here. Support by purchasing from iTunes, here. Keep up with MONOGEM via Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

September 15, 2017

[PREMIERE] Me Nd Adam – Player No. 1

Don’t hate the player, hate the game. Everyone knows that saying, right? Well, Me Nd Adam may not agree, and I can’t say that I do either, but there’s no resisting this song entitled Player No. 1. The Brooklyn duo plays with our hearts and we’re more than happy to succumb to their creamy crooning, vibrant beats, and propulsive melody on the pair’s dashing fourth single, a gritty amalgamation of sooty alt pop and uptempo synthpop. Player No. 1, which features co-production from Doug Schadt (Maggie Rogers, Wet), was inspired by the sex scene between Pierce Brosnan and Rene Russo in the 1999 remake of The Thomas Crown Affair. It’s a sizzling scorcher of a dance inducing pop banger with a deliciously snarling, feverish punching bite. Me Nd Adam’s swooning brand of pop is like LANY’s synthpop mixed with Lauv’s buttery smoldering pop. Go ahead, lay it all out on the dance floor to Me Ad Adam’s torridly infectious and wildly passionate tune, then surrender yourself to more of Me Ad Adam’s music on Soundcloud, here. Player No. 1 can also be streamed from Spotify, here, and purchased from iTunes, here. You can keep up with suave pop connoisseurs Me Nd Adams on their website, here.

August 22, 2017

[PREMIERE] MUSIC VIDEO : Sure Sure – Koreatown

What else but a music video shot in Koreatown would befit a song named Koreatown? And that’s exactly what emerging Los Angeles indie pop quartet Sure Sure have shared for their jaunty melodious gem. As the band says: “Koreatown is a song about cutting loose. Here we are cutting loose in Koreatown.” Follow along, cut loose, and get all chummy with the lads as they perform their latest dulcet infectious, jangly chugging guitar pop song in the confines of a compact car as they cruise the streets of LA’s Koreatown at night. Koreatown is a dexterously charming, perky lilting indie gem with lush keys and a hint of twangy, surfy psychedelia. No longer do we have to try and imagine a trip past karaoke clubs, Korean spas, and the most delicious of Korean restaurants as we sway and wag our heads to the infectious song. Hop in the car, join Sure Sure, and let’s all go for a blissful ride. “Only a fool would stay in.” You can also stream Koreatown via Soundcloud, here. Support the song on Hype Machine, here.

July 14, 2017

[PREMIERE] The Heirs – Suburban Wonderland

Los Angeles based indie pop band The Heirs have made a dazzling return with a smoldering banger of a new tune, and it’s arrived with a glamorously posh psychedelic trip of a music video, too. Sultry leads by brother and sister Savannah and Brandon Hudson are met by lavish synths and a sexy groove on Suburban Wonderland, a prime candidate for summer anthem of the year. The Heirs, a five piece known for their cool edge and an assured brand of ravishing pop that places them next to great bands like Walk The Moon and The xx, have delivered a warm nostalgic blitz of funky strutting, luxuriantly sexy pop. Its impossible not to move to Suburban Wonderland’s vivacious tempo and syrupy sweet hooks. Suburban Wonderland is a rush of a song that emphasizes the numbing banality of suburban life. It’s the angst, unease, and anxiety that accompanies coming of age in such an environment, and the incessant search for escape and meaning that follows.

The vibrantly enthralling, vividly crafted music video for Suburban Wonderland was directed by Kyle Schneider, who’s worked with Brandon and Savannah for years. He started out as video editor for one of their videos way back in the days (we’re talking about when they were but 13 years old). Over the years, Kyle has grown close to the family that is The Heirs. He progressed from editing other peoples’ videos to becoming The Heirs’ go-to editor, director, and producer.

He says (cheekily) of Suburban Wonderland’s video, showing exactly just how close his relationship is to The Heirs: “Ohh, there’s backstory alright … Savannah and I are actually in an arranged marriage. Yes, I signed a contract with Ken … I’m not sure Saundra knows … or my girlfriend. But In exchange for a lifetime of free music videos, Savannah agreed to tolerate me for life. I think it’ll work out. :))) Working on this music video was something I think we’ve all been looking forward to for awhile, as it was really the first time we had the freedom to do what we wanted. I started working with them pretty early on, just shooting and cutting videos of their live performances so this is the culmination of all the past and today.”

Suburban Wonderland is The Heirs’ first release prior to their upcoming EP, slated for release later this year. And what a way to kick off that new EP it is, an irresistible candy coated addiction and our own sweet escape from the “suburbia” of our lives. The single is available from iTunes, here, or Apple, here. Stream via Spotify, below.