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May 5, 2018

It’s been three long years since Canadian group BRAIDS released their last album Deep in the Iris, one of 2015′s remarkably avant-garde and artfully brilliant masterpieces. Though they did release their Companion EP the following year, it’s been a long time since we’ve heard from the art rock trio, so it’s a fortuitous treat that BRAIDS has returned with not one, but two spectacular new tunes, both lush and mesmeric, extraordinary and beautiful. Burdock & Dandelion is a wavy whirring excursion with shades of Dirty Projectors coursing through its whimsical melody and hypnotic vocals. But there’s also a sweet tenderness and a quietude that reminds me of Wet, and an electro-driven experimentalism that evokes Hundred Waters/Nicole Miglis. The song is accompanied by second track Collarbones, a key lavish jazzy piece. Stream Collarbones below. These are songs that literally seem to inhale and exhale, and we do so in sync with them, riding their ebbs and tides, their swells and recessions, utterly caught up in each one’s current. Both stunning songs are available, here.

February 27, 2018

I can’t even begin to count the number of times I’ve stretched my head up high to watch an airplane gliding overhead as it left a long fluffy strand of condensed water in its wake. Perhaps it’s something you tend to do when you see a white streak across the sky, too. Instead of gawking up at an aeroplane’s contrail today, you’re going to want to lean with your ears into this pastoral indie folk ballad from Irish band All The Luck In The World. Contrails is a tender heartrender that explores the sad beauty of fleeting youth and ephemeral love. Growing old has never felt more bittersweet. The song escalates from its gentle strums into a post-rock styled cathartic crest. Contrails accompanied by an affecting music video directed by Thomas Vernay. Watch the video below. Find out about All The Luck In The World’s UK/Europe tour, as well as purchase/stream Contrails, here.

February 21, 2018

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February 21, 2018

It’s super cold out right now, but a part of me really wishes it were warm enough for camping. I’d bring along these amazing new remixes of Portugal. the Man’s Live In The Moment, which is yet another superb tune off the Grammy winning psych rockers’ album Woodstock. Fellow Grammy winner Tycho, or San Francisco’s own celebrated producer and musician, Scott Hansen, has created two gorgeous edits of the tune, one a “Sunrise Remix”, which you can stream above, and the other a “Sunset Remix”, which you can find below. The sunrise remix is an ambient electronic meets post-rock rendition that oscillates and flows with bright eyed energy. No need for coffee when you have this fresh and dewy track to wake up to and remind you of the pristine beauty of the world. Tycho’s Sunset Remix, as you might guess, is more demure and tempered. Its chillwavey varnish is perfect for watching the sun tuck itself below the horizon. Nightfall creeps around the bend as we settle in to

reflect on the day’s passing and watch the embers glow in a crackling campfire. Tycho’s introspective Sunset Remix leads us into the dark, where we find ourselves looking forward once again to dropping on his Sunrise Remix at dawn. Who else, but Tycho could create such thoughtful and profound remixes, all the while still showcasing Portugal. The Man’s ever infectious original? Catch Tycho on tour this spring, details and ticket availability can be found, here.

February 9, 2018

I’ve been very fond of Minnesota synthpop, trip hop, and alt-R&B band POLIÇA for a very long time. I find their progressive music and lead singer Channy Leaneagh’s smoky voice utterly irresistible. As such, I’ve been delighted by the news that POLIÇA has collaborated with Berlin based orchestral collective s t a r g a z e on a whole new album named Music For The Long Emergency. The combination of POLIÇA’s dark and seductive sound and s t a r g a z e’s lush, verdant strings results in a symphonic post-rock meets alt pop sound that’s original and thoroughly enthralling. The two projects released a music video for their song Agree this week, giving us a cinematic experience to go along with the spectacular song. Music For The Long Emergency arrives on Transgressive Records and Totally Gross National Product this February 16th. Pre-order, here.

February 2, 2018

Northeast England indie upstarts Llovers present us with music well worthy of lusting after on Just Lust, a dreamy ambling, melodic drifting track that examines perceptions within society and how the band feels disconnected with certain stereotypes. Jack Brooks’ tender vocals hover sublimely on a bed of muted beats and vaporous strings that build lushly and crescendo opulently towards the song’s heart wrenching, breathtaking apex. 

Discussing the songwriting process, Jack stated: “Just Lust is the sum of a deeply personal exploration in 2017 concerning how I felt within myself. I considered the effect that perception of ‘men’ as a generalised group moulded my own mental health and enforced a feeling of disconnection from a percentage of the population. Musically the track is built to replicate the thought process providing time and thought before erupting in a wave of raw emotion in a cathartic way”. Just Lust is out now on all major platforms. 

January 11, 2018

Son Lux is headlining the Independent in San Francisco this March, just around the time I’ll be heading out on my annual pilgrimage to SXSW in Austin. But I’m going to try to make the show if I can. After all, I’m a huge fan of Ryan Lott and his band’s unique blend of trip hop, post-rock, and chamber pop, which never fails to stun in intricacy and detail, power and somber beauty. This week, Son Lux has premiered a new song and video named Slowly from their next album, Brighter Wounds, which arrives February 9th on City Slang. The LA and NY based project likens the song to a drug. Lott says Slowly deals with the ability of untruth to evolve into reality, and then function as a drug. You know how it is, tell yourself a lie often enough, and you’ll begin to believe it, even be addicted to it. Slowly is one of Son Lux’s most laid back and sensual cuts. Its even a touch bluesy and soulful, in a Two Feet meets Rhye like manner, but still incredibly visceral. Brighter Wounds can be pre-ordered, here. Follow Son Lux and find out about their North American tour via their socials, here.

December 22, 2017

It’s been about seven months since we had the honored pleasure of premiering Queue’s Frontier, a richly atmospheric indie rock song that seemed to blend Daughter, Wolf Alice, and Poliça altogether. The four piece band, whose members hail from both Philadelphia and Washington, D.C., have finally unveiled their next single, a spaciously drifting, floaty ethereal indie rock song named Aimless Kid that again reminds me of those aforementioned bands, but with an even more organic and considerably pastoral aura. Aimless Kid is a lushly enthralling aria steeped in sorrow and cathartic emotion. It undulates like rolling waves and blooms with post-rock evoking mellifluous guitars. Re-visit prior single Frontier and Queue’s other releases on Soundcloud, here.

December 5, 2017

If you’re as fond of slowcore, shoegaze, post-rock, and dream pop as I do (and love bands like Beach House, Cigarettes After Sex, Slowdive, and the such), you’re going to instantaneously gravitate towards this band from Tijuana named Mint Field, too. The duo leave us reeling in a state of total fuzzy, hazy intoxication with their surreal new video for Ojos En El Carro, which literally translates to Eyes In The Car, except I’m all ears for the band’s languorous sound. Ojos En El Carro builds towards a scuzzy plush climax with a deliberate crawl. 21 year old Estrella Sanchez (vocals & guitar) and Amor Amecua (drums nad synths) will be releasing a debut album named Pasar De Las Luces on February 23rd. Though my Spanish skills are still very lacking despite years of Spanish classes in high school, it’s hard to miss the nostalgic romance and beautiful melancholia that manifests in this spaciously haunting song. Follow along with the band via their website, here.

November 17, 2017

London indie/atmospheric rock quartet Stereo Honey is poised to drop a stellar EP named Monuments on December 1st. They’ve already dazzled us with The Bay, and now the four piece band take us on an immensely beautiful and dusky brooding journey with new taster, Angel. Stereo Honey douses us with their silky vocals, which drift and hover hauntingly, floating on a sea of soft droning, shadowy whirring melancholy. But Angel also builds towards post-rock coursing,  exultant soaring catharsis as it charges towards its alpine closure. Re-visit The Bay via its new music video out this week below. Stereo Honey’s songs are available on iTunes, here.