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May 24, 2018

Heads up, kids. A must listen new arrival just came out of the music woodwork but less than an hour ago, and it comes from none other than post-dubstep, electronic, and gospel-imbued soul troubadour James Blake. I’ve actually been wondering for awhile now when he’d unleash some new music on us. The UK singer songwriter and producer is responsible for one of the best shows I attended last year. I was there for one of his three sold out shows at the Herbst Theatre in San Francisco and he was nothing short of magnificent, whether it was his solo ballads on piano, his dub heavy re-visits of older classics, or the immense catalog of new music he blessed us with that magical evening. This afternoon, he’s finally released a beautiful new song named Don’t Miss It via a lyric video of sorts. It’s a much pensive and reflective song, sparse and understated yet gorgeously mesmeric with its soft trickling beats, haunting keys, and soulful cooing. Don’t Miss It, which is a collaboration with Mount Kimbie’s Dom Maker, almost feels like a CocoRosie song mixed with James Blake’s downtempo gospel and electro-soul. 

April 20, 2018

It’s a huge week for Couros, the London based producer and musician who first lit up our music radar last year with Breathe A-gain. Not only was he involved in creating Norwegian starlet Aurora’s huge new hit, Queendom, but now he’s released a scintillating dazzler of an electronica and R&B track named Young, too. Its ornate and dub heavy texture, as well as Couros’ mesmeric looping vocals, are reminiscent of James Blake, but injected with more urgency and vital energy. Young is lifted from Couros’ forthcoming 5 track EP, out this summer. For now, you can stream/download Young, here, while we look forward to more previews from that EP.

January 31, 2018

Emerging Canadian duo aiwake make their first appearance of the year on new single Crescent Lane, a ghostly clattering, opaque simmering surge of the pair’s haunting yet seductive sound. Future bass, trip hop, and R&B soul collide on the dark sensual dreamscape, a nebulous and heady experience whose aching desire dances like familiar shadows through our ears and into the hidden chambers of our hearts. Late night yearning and melancholic longing ooze through every gossamer whisper and spectral swell of the intimate yet sprawling opus. “We lost ourselves along the way” says aiwake in the song’s Soundcloud description. We lost ourselves with them, engulfed in Crescent Lane’s slow burning turbulence. You can also stream the downtempo single via Spotify, here.

January 26, 2018

I always imagined bear cubs to be feisty little fur balls (with sharp teeth and claws, no less), but we also know from extensive experience that London based producer Bearcubs’ sound is quite the opposite of those preconceptions. His electronica and soul is dreamy and syrupy, ridged and textured, like James Blake’s post-dubstep fused with Tom Misch jazzy electro-soul and Mount Kimbie’s glitchy electronica. We get a prime exhibit of his musical prowess on intoxicating new single Landslide, the second song revealed from his forthcoming debut album Ultraviolet, due out March 2nd. The dub heavy, heady hypnotic track takes us on a voyage of late night introspection, drizzled with dusky beats and taut strings. Pre-order Bearcubs’ new album, here. Catch him on his tour this March, which includes a show at 1015 Folsom in San Francisco on March 15th. 

January 26, 2018

Whoa, hold up! Stop everything you’re doing, whatever it is, as long as it’s safe to do so. New James Blake literally JUST dropped, and I happened to catch the British musician and producer’s post on Facebook the very moment the song and video saw the light of day. Ladies and gents, prepare to be bewitched by dub heavy, glitchy burbling, minimalist and atmospheric If The Car Beside You Moves Ahead. It’s a gossamer haunting electronic song, with heady visuals to go along with its shadowy shuffling, pitchy warbling ambiance. Apparently, James shared the song while closing out his BBC Radio 1 residency. You can also stream the new song, here.

December 13, 2017

South London duo VESCE creates rich harmonic electronica that dwells in the shadows, where it echos and reverberates for what feels like an enlightened eternity. A gossamer haunting form of R&B soul and gospel also runs through its veins, as well as an astonishing array of elements that include funk guitar curls, somber keys, and classic strings. The pair just released their four track debut EP, Self Edit, last week, off which comes this heady intoxicating song, Zender. The experimental texture found on the dynamic and reflective masterpiece recalls James Blake, with a heftier electro-soul approach, a touch of Ben Khan, and some Until The Ribbon Breaks. You can stream VESCE’s debut EP via Soundcloud, here, and purchase from iTunes, here.

November 28, 2017

UK producer Maths Time Joy and buttery crooner JMR, fresh off his cameo on Jai Wolf’s Gravity, are a match made in heaven on Only You. They douse us with a velveteen, pillowy effusion of future soul and electronica on the sublime track, whose sonic lushness, slow burning crescendo, and silky hum are like James Blake meets Matt Woods or James Vincent McMorrow. Only You is the politically charged lead single from Math Times Joy’s next EP, Sunset Motel, due out early next year. 

November 21, 2017

Sevdaliza, the intensely magnetic Dutch-Iranian artist who released her debut album ISON to much critical acclaim back in spring, has been teasing us about an unreleased track ever since. Now, we finally get to partake in HEAR MY PAIN HEAL, as well as its dark and eerie music video. As always, Sevdaliza’s dusky electronic R&B and crepuscular trip hop is shiver inducing good. Its tremors and trills, swells and fluxes take us into a James Blake-esque dub heavy intoxication. Sevdaliza’s magnificent voice cuts through this thick unsettling atmosphere to lead us through a ghostly wasteland haunted by the sorrowful past, yet strangely and poetically so romantic. You can stream Sevdaliza’s album ISON on Spotify, here.

September 23, 2017

Some of you might be familiar with Mai Lan solely through her collaborative work with M83 on his last album, Junk, but this imaginative French-Vietnamese artist has been releasing daring and edgy music of her own for quite some time. Her last EP, Vampire, came out earlier this year, and now she’s shared a trippy yet austere new music video for its opening track. Pas d’amour is a spectral work of art. Its minimalist aesthetics add to its taut intensity, and though I can’t understand the French lyrics of the song, I can’t help but enjoy the delicious sugar laced dread and Mai Lan’s crisp vocals found on the bass wobbling track. Mai Lan plans on releasing her next full length, Autopilote, on November 3rd. We’re thrilled to hear the new material. You can find her Vampire EP, here.

September 11, 2017

18 year old Sam Breathwick tends to leave us breathlessly melting with his enriching sonic concoctions as Vasser. He takes us to a profoundly meditative space with satin vocals, finespun percussion, and riveting downtempo electronica on new song Falling. If James Blake went more minimalist future soul and fused his music with some orchestral Lido, it might sound similar to this masterful tune. The track is one of five from Vasser’s new EP, A Telling End, available to stream on Soundcloud, here. Support the release, here.