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March 11, 2017

San Francisco’s very own Justin Cheromiah has been making music from his bedroom from the young age of 14. After a slew of self released singles and albums as High Sunn, he’s about to unleash his first studio EP on Punk Slime Recordings. Lead single Polaroids is lo-fi shimmering and scuzzy crunching. We’ve had an effusion of new dream pop and guitar pop lately, but there’s no doubt sun bleached Polaroids is a hooking record that stands out above that crowd. It burns bright and wistful, a melodic nod to our evanescent past. Polaroids reminds me of how we once took immediately gratifying snapshots of ourselves in an attempt create a distorted archive of our lives. Those images are ephemeral and fleeting. High Sunn’s upcoming EP Hopeless Romantic will be out May 19th. Pre-order, here.

January 16, 2017

Polaroids have all but become obsolete in this age of digital cameras and smart phones, except on the rare occasion for special events like weddings or for special art projects. Moving Castle co-founder and creamy voiced New York artist Josh Jacobson brings back this relic of the past with his new future soul aria, Polaroids, a velveteen rich, brass and string opulent swooner submerged in HONNE creaminess and Nick Murphy (fka Chet Faker) like luxuriant crooning. Polaroids alights as the first aching desirous taste from Josh Jacobson’s First Light EP, due out later this year.