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December 13, 2016

It was more than a year ago that an edgy new artist named Gia arose out of the shadows of LA to spellbind us with her sound and charisma, dealing out a bold yet honest brand of electropop that was fresh and scintillating. I’ve long been wondering where she had gone, or what she’s been up to, since she soon disappeared back into the shadows. All of a sudden, and to my great delight, Gia has re-surfaced, and in such captivating style, too! Gia  returns alongside Norwegian melodic house producer Matoma on a luminous pop meets electronica emulsion named Heart Won’t Forget. It’s been a moment since we’ve heard from Matoma too, and it’s impossible not to immediately fall head over heels for his tropical mellifluous, buoyant sparkling production all over again. Heart Won’t Forget leaves a bittersweet imprint in it’s tender stirring wake. It’s apparent our hearts will never forget the beauty of Matoma and Gia’s new song.