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March 28, 2018

Closing out tonight with something sumptuously dark and gothy, which is exactly how I like to end the night. In fact, I’m going to rush home and watch me some Santa Clarita Diet, because that’s the sort of humor I like too, twisted and macabre. Gothy synthpop queen Zola Jesus has given experimental electronic producer Blanck Mass (Ben Power of Fuck Buttons) an inky droning, ominous haunting treatment on a spectral remix of Please. The gloriously writhing track is part of a surprise addendum to his recent album World Eater, a digital only EP named World Eater Re-Voxed that also features remixes of Blanck Mass by Naked, M. Lamar, and Gazelle Twin. You can purchase the EP, here.

July 11, 2017

I’m sure if you’re a big Rhye fan like me, you’ve been listening to their new music this whole past weekend. But just in case you missed it, the critically acclaimed duo of Milosh and Robin Hannibal have bestowed upon the world two new tunes, including this song, Please, which comes by way of a choreographed music video. Please is a light and delicate, soft and intimate R&B ballad. It’s just what we’ve been craving for from the pair these past four years. Ending the dry spell along with Please is Summer Days, the groovier cut of the two. You can preview the track via Soundcloud, here. Both gorgeous new tunes are available via iTunes, here.

February 27, 2015

If you missed the memo quite some time ago, Cairobi is the London based quintet once known as Vadoinmessico. They’ve graced the halls of IHM quite a number of times under their old moniker, as I was very much fond of their Balearic flavored music. Re-incarnated as Cairobi, the band, with members hailing from all over the world, revealed their new single Please. It’s an entrancing example of their enchanting sound, carrying much alternative and psychedelic pop tendencies. Please is a stomping treat that’s both floaty and grandiose. The single is taken from their debut EP as Cairobi, Distant Fire, out this week via Week Of Wonders.