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April 30, 2015


It’s like, 80 degrees out in SF, but I’m stuck in a windowless office room where it’s ALWAYS freezing. My space heater is roaring, and I have a puffy jacket on. But you know what? I feel like I could be out in the sun, with a huge smile on my face, spinning around with my arms outstretched in euphoria, thanks to this fresh remix of Austin alt band The Vantage’s Place In The Water by Mark Chill! The Los Angeles based producer transformed the stomping, energetic Young The Giant rock meets Walk The Moon pop anthem into a gleaming indie dance gem interwoven with hints of delicious disco and resplendent tropical. Mark Chill says that “the lyrics and story were a perfect fit for my chill/summer style of production”, and he does an excellent job fusing his sublimely sparkling and effervescent style to the indie rock vibes on the original. Snag it on May 5th when it’s out on iTunes, and add it to your sweet summer dance playlist!

February 20, 2015

Place In The Water is a luminous and vibrant new alt pop track from Austin’s The Vantage. The soaring anthem has the energetic, stomping qualities of Imagine Dragons, blended with some of Walk The Moon’s mellifluous pop charm, the sweeping tendencies of Young The Giant, and the dewey pastoral hues of American Authors. Immediately hooking and quite exhilarating, Place In The Water is a potently vacarious new taste from the band.