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June 22, 2016

There’s been a more than ample supply of remixes of Zayn’s smash hit Pillowtalk lately, but you’d better make room for this one, a re-imagination of the song by OFWGKTA veteran Tyler, The Creator. It’s a swaggering new hip hop and soul approach on the song much scintillating and seductive. And, it comes with a very entertaining music video too, one much intimate and personal. We get a very down to earth look at Tyler The Creator. It’s adorable.

April 29, 2016

I literally gasped when I caught wind of a collaborative remix involving Norway’s Bearson and Chicago’s Wheathin. I couldn’t wait to hear how a union of the two’s styles might sound, and I nearly held my breath in eager anticipation. Bearson and Wheathin unleash that stupendous hybridization on their remix of ZAYN’s world dominating Pillowtalk. It’s as grandly epic as I expected it to be, a “pillowtalk” far more gritty and intense. The duo’s re-imagining of the hit song is a two-ton explosion of jolting future trap magnificence, a seamless combination of Bearson’s melodic iridescence and Wheathin’s craggy serrated vigor. Download their colossal remix from Toneden, here.

February 19, 2016

It comes as no surprise that Zayn’s Pillowtalk is sitting pretty at number one on many viral charts, but the many splendid remixes of the track are sure to make an indelible mark as they arise, too. Take for example, this slow burning edit by French producer Stwo, who submerges Pillowtalk in a dark, seductive atmosphere. Stwo’s remix is heavily haunting, its subtle future bass approach flooded with incinerating anguish and melting pleasure.