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November 8, 2017

Leave might be a brand new duo’s debut, but this first single from Whole Doubts happen to involve some artists we wildly adore. Brooklyn’s Whole Doubts consists of Frequency and Aalias, the producers behind Eminem’s smash single The Monster, featuring Rihanna. They’ve decided to step out into the limelight after spending years behind the scenes crafting fine soundscapes for various top artists across genres. Leave features buttery voiced singer songwriter Kevin Garrett, and it was co-written by none other than breathy pop sensation Phoebe Ryan. It’s quite the future pop and R&B pop chimera that utilizes Frequency’s extensive experience in hip hop, alt pop, and rock as well as Aalias’ gifted musical expertise (he played jazz trumpet and studied at both Julliard and Berklee in the past). I guess you can say there’s no “doubt” at all this pair are here to stay, particularly after this fabulous debut. Leave is available, here.

September 11, 2017

Not only is pop sensation Phoebe Ryan hitting the road this fall, but Morgxn is joining her on tour, too, and they’ll be stopping in San Francisco at the Swedish American on November 13th! As if that isn’t already a whole lot of joyous news, Phoebe will also be releasing a new EP, off which comes this new sultry sparkling treat, Be Real. Her signature breathy, smoky vocals lead us into its ravishing twilight soundscape. Dreamy R&B pop and spry skipping electropop seamlessly intermingle on the sumptuous dazzler. Be Real is available, here.

April 6, 2017

Phoebe Ryan’s long awaited new single Dark Side, an ever sweetly enchanting & breathy enthralling pop gem, has been on the receiving end of some terrific remixing performances in the month it’s been out. The latest ravishing edit comes by way of Virginia based electronic duo New Immunity.

It’s been long apparent New Immunity has an adept knack for layering on plenty of their own instrumentals to create exuberant dance tracks that feel enlivening and organic.

They brighten our day with this cool glistening, sleek bounding house remix on which the pair opt for some piano house vibes for their drop rather than New Immunity’s usual guitar. The result is bouncy bright and honeyed lifting. You can download New Immunity’s remix of Phoebe Ryan’s Dark Side free, here.

March 28, 2017

To much jubilant elation last month, Phoebe Ryan made her ever breathy and sweetly enchanting return with Dark Side, an irresistible pop and electronica anthem that quickly reminded us why we’ve been fans of this Los Angeles starlet from the very beginning. A remix package for the song has now arrived, from which comes this deep melodic remix by Swedish duo NOTD. Any darkness to be found is totally annihilated by NOTD’s summer ready, luminous bounding remix. Phoebe Ryan’s Dark Side remix pack is available now on iTunes. You can also stream NOTD’s remix via Soundcloud below.

February 8, 2017

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February 7, 2017

Though it’s been an excruciating expanse of time since we last heard a new Phoebe Ryan song, at least we’ve had the pleasure of hearing her breathy saccharine voice in the meantime on All We Know, one of The Chainsmokers’ recent smash hits. The Los Angeles based starlet has been one of our pop favorites since she made major waves with her unforgettable Ignition / Do You mashup cover back in 2015. Phoebe now returns with new track Dark Side, an irresistible pop and electronic chimera co-written and produced with Elof Loelv (Rihanna, Icona Pop) and Jason Gill (Tove Lo). Despite its name, Dark Side bounds and soars with a lustrous brilliance. It’s a future pop styled brisk springing ballad which Phoebe Ryan explains is about “being in love with someone who may not necessarily be the best for you, but you’re too deep into it to care.” Phoebe Ryan has joined Swedish singer songwriter Tove Lo on her Lady Wood tour through late February. Dark Side is available via major retailers, here.

November 18, 2016

Aside from a uniquely filmed and much riveting official music video that just dropped for The Chainsmokers hit All We Know, featuring breathy enchanting Phoebe Ryan, a seriously magnificent remix also surfaced this week. Even before listening to Said The Sky’s remix, I knew this one was going to stand out from the thousands of The Chainsmokers remixes that seem to be hovering about us at any given time of day. The well loved melodic bass producer from Colorado exhibits his masterful grasp on cinematic stirring aural magic with his windswept beauty of a remix. It’s a rather refreshing landscape to float upon, one with ambient shifting, timeless drifting qualities that brings out the ponderous and meditative side of All We Know. If you haven’t caught the video for the original yet, watch below.

October 21, 2016

The Chainsmokers’ collaboration with Phoebe Ryan, All We Know, has been sitting pretty on top of the Billboard Charts for countless weeks now, and during that time, it’s become one of the most remixed tracks of the season. Though we’ve taken a momentary pause from sharing countless remixes of All We Know and prior single Closer, Los Angeles production whiz tyDi makes it impossible not to dive back into one with his sleek rolling, melodic thrumming deep future edit. tyDi’s All We Know remix certainly stands out as unique and fresh with its smooth glitching magnetism. We dance in a magical wonderland. For a moment, tyDi is all we know. Download the dreamy pulsing delight, here.

October 12, 2016

As the endless stream of Closer remixes seems to finally be trickling to a halt, the number of All We Know remixes is quickly rising. There’s really no escaping The Chainsmokers’ chart dominating songs these days, even if we wanted to. Young production virtuoso Pluto and fellow electronic music talent LZRD team up on a freshly surfaced remix of the Phoebe Ryan featuring tune, giving the endearing ditty a tranquil lilting yet majestic ruffled future bass and chill trap makeover. The radiantly enchanting remix is a free download, here.

October 9, 2016

I’m sure we’re about to get hit by a mountain of All We Know remixes, and there’s going to be some tremendous ones, at that. In the meanwhile, some great bootlegs are already popping up for the latest The Chainsmokers smash hit, including this one a trio of Los Angeles production acts consisting of EARSLEY, WOLFE, and Thomas Gordon. They give the Phoebe Ryan featuring tune an uplifting melodic trap, wavy electrostep, and future pop makeover fit for yet another warm fall day in the Bay. This sleek and cool, sprightly and bubbly remix makes me wish this weekend would never end. Download the track for free, here.