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February 10, 2018

Lucian has been a mainstay on our blog for many years. He steadily feeds us a supply of exceptionally produced tracks. So when a new song from the New Yorker comes our way again, it sort of feels like a case of “deja vu”. But that’s about where the strange familiarity stops, because Lucian’s music is diverse and variegated. He’s always linking up with a fine array of vocal talent on his songs, plus we can never predict what sort of affecting electronic opus he’ll bless us with. New song Deja Vu features saccharine vocals by fellow New Yorker Philosofie, and it’s quite the aerial darting, dreamy fluttering future bass and future pop confection. It brushes against us lightly, then skims back into the heavens, a celestial and jocular celebration of youthful love. Lucian promises more music to come, and we look forward to with much joy, particularly when cruising on the wings of this birdlike aria. Download Deja Vu, here.