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March 28, 2018

Chi-town electronic whiz Mielo’s The Wayfarer, featuring ethereal vocals by Pauline Herr, gets a truly heavenly remix treatment from a mysterious Ohio based producer who goes by the name Dreweybear. To say his future bass edit is exquisite is an understatement. This is the sort of transcendental yet tender, atmospheric and gentle sojourn that draws out endless deep sighs. Dreweybear’s remix is a balm, an elixir, and a reminder of how beautiful the world is even in its most melancholic moments, when we’ve lost hope and don’t know which way to turn. Follow the light that is Dreweybear’s track as it eventually lifts us high above the clouds with an electro-charged finish reminiscent of the cathartic soundscapes that k?d and Porter oft drop. And if you’re craving for more from Dreweybear, stream his original The Rise, featuring Ashley Apollodor below, and marvel at its seamlessly rendered, bold and dramatic chill trap. 

November 29, 2017

Everything is ephemeral, “nothing lasts”, but sometimes, I do wish the feelings aroused by immense songs like this electronic ballad could last forever. A cinematic sweeping, lush sprawling expanse of future bass and future pop astounds us as we dive head first into Taska Black’s Nothing Lasts, featuring LA singer, songwriter, and producer Pauline Herr. The hyper dramatic anthem is a more than arresting experience. The world around us fades into non-existence as we focus in on Pauline Herr’s ravishing vocals and Taska Black’s grandiose soundscape. The Belgian producer leaves us quivering from the sheer power of his gorgeous song. Nothing Lasts can be purchased from Apple, here.