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Scant details about Flo+theMachine’s next album

August 22, 2011


Was all excited that they posted details about the next album, but meh they really didn’t say that much. I am so looking forward to Florence + the Machine’s next album though, their debut Lungs was standout and Flo is amazing.

Paul Epworth Speaks About The New Album

Anticipation is building for the new Florence & The Machine album and producer Paul Epworth recently revealed some insider information about the recording process.

Paul produced Flo’s multi-platinum selling debut album ‘Lungs’ and has been busy in the studio with Flo in recent months, working on the eagerly awaited sequel.

Taking to Twitter, he wrote: “Friday night and had a week of wonderful mixes coming in for Florence 2. I love handing something over to hear it come back better..

"I feel for the A&R dept having to try and whittle these tracks down to 10 or 12 because there really are no weak ones.

"It’s a weird record that sounds live in ways and like a machine in others, with sensitivity and power from both the music and Flo’s voice.”

We’ll have more details about the new album very soon on, so make sure you keep checking the site.