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January 9, 2018

I have a Patagonia jacket, but I can’t say that Patagonia is my favorite brand even though I’m an outdoor enthusiast. Most of their products lean towards substance over style, and style does matter, no matter what some people might say. When it comes to both substance and style, we turn to UK trio Patawawa, and their Patagonia, a chic and sexy nu-disco meets electro-funk jam that’s a booty shaking must. The three cool cats blend glittery riffs, sleek synths, and punchy beats on their snazzy sharp disco banger, which exudes a whole lot of retro charm, too. Niles Rodgers would approve of Patagonia’s glamorous riffs and bouncy bass. Patagonia is lifted from Patawawa’s new Bedroom EP, out January 18th on Splinter. Pre-order, here