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April 25, 2018

Have you ever wondered about re-incarnation, and what sort of life you used to lead if it existed? I have a feeling I must have loved music the last time I walked this earth, too, and I probably would have loved Step Rockets in that past life, too. The Minneapolis outfit brings those sentiments to life on their new single, Past Life, a vibrantly slick, potent throbbing synthrock anthem that we’re hoping heralds a whole new string of releases from the band. Past Life is available from iTunes, here.

November 14, 2017

Silky light and dreamy sheer is Past Life, a heavenly new treat from Canadian producer Ekali, who links up with alt R&B and electro-soul duo Opia on the sublimely soothing, velveteen caressing single. Ekali has crafted a warm, iridescent future soul and plush, extravagant chill trap anthem. We lose ourselves in its flowing drapes and satin swells, while Opia’s buttery vocals caress our molten hearts. I’m not sure I believe in past lives, future lives, and re-incarnation, but I sure hope that Ekali and Opia are still in my life whatever may come. Stream/purchase Past Life, here.