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March 8, 2018

In the confusing flurry of SXSW lineups that keep surfacing on the daily these days, I’ve noticed that Party Pupils will be making their way out to Austin next week, too. It comes as no surprise that MAX, who’s one half of Party Pupils will also be making an appearance. That’s double the reason for some festive celebrations, and who else but the slick dance troupe is perfect for soundtracking a massive dance party with their rambunctious bangers? They’ve even teamed up with their buddy from Connecticut, esteemed DJ and producer Audien, for a fresh take on Montell Jordan classic This Is How We Do It. Is there any more appropriate track for an elite production duo like Party Pupils?  This Is How We Do It is a timeless New Jack Swing party anthem. This updated cover reboot from Party Pupils and Audien both brings the old school back and gets us grooving with its future funk dance floor energy. Plus, those fresh vocals are sizzling hot! Grab the hot jam from iTunes, here.

November 22, 2017

Savvy dance music troupe Party Pupils are pros at what they do despite what their name might suggest. If anyone’s a ‘student’ here, it’s me, as I learn exactly how smoothly and dexterously I can twist, shimmy, and hop to the LA duo’s funky bass and plump beats. Party Pupils spark up a weekday solo dance party right here in my office with their new song Over & Under, a sexy grooving, creamy strutting future funk jam that melds vintage disco soul with modern dance tendencies. You can also stream Max Schneider and Ryan Siegal’s sleek new banger via Spotify, here. Be a good ‘pupil’ and keep that ‘party’ going with their prior releases on Soundcloud, here.

August 10, 2017

Following the release of their colossally successful collaborative single I Want You, Moving Castle prodigies Manila Killa and Robotaki have announced a co-headlining tour this fall, and I’m crying in the corner because I don’t see San Francisco on the schedule. At least the news comes with a new remix of that sanguine skimming, Matthew John Kurz featuring summer anthem by Los Angeles dance scholars Party Pupils. Its pulsing magnificence & stuttering grandeur is more than enough to lift my spirits and instill in me an immeasurable amount of elation. Party Pupils’ rendition of I Want You certainly departs from what we’ve heard from the pair in the past. They venture into a unique neon retrowave/synthcore meets future funk world with the sleek jabbing edit. If only I had a Testarossa to hop into so I could cruise the streets at night in style to the rousing remix. Find out more about Manila Killa and Robotaki’s I Want You tour, here.

May 31, 2017

Party Pupils, who are more like party teachers than pupils in my book, are back with endless swag on a sumptuous new jam named Patient. The Los Angeles duo dispenses a lavish torrent of sexy R&B soul and saucy future funk on this brassy voluptuous, satin swooning spectacular. Max Schneider and Ryan Siegel’s succulent swinging, sultry burning new original is a free download, here. Patient serves as the pair’s debut original. It comes on the heels of their ravishing singles and that jaw dropping, frisky hooking cover of Ms. Jackson, which you can find on their Soundcloud, here.

May 15, 2017

In the past weeks, we’ve shared a handful of fabulous Green Light remixes, including most recently, a purely euphoric and immensely brilliant remix by Moving Castle’s Hotel Garuda. Party Pupils offers up our latest favorite edit of Lorde’s exultant hit single, and we can’t stop listening to and dancing to their sleek future funk remix. The decadence and the glitzy glam luxuriance of their frisky surging, glitchy stuttering re-work is a fine fit to the triumphant and glorious essence that emanates from Green Light. Party Pupil’s excellent remix is a free download, here.

October 29, 2016

Party Pupils continue to come at us strong with the exact sort of soiree ready dance music that we’d expect from their name. Except, they’re really more like “party masters” than “pupils”. If anyone’s a student here, it’s us. The quickly rising Los Angeles duo teaches us how to rage properly with their racy provocative future funk. New song Pony is a galloping stallion of a disco glitzy, R&B sensuous spectacular. This juicy sumptuous dance banger is well worth getting up and partying the night away to at someone’s swanky bachelor pad, any day of the week. Pony is a free download, here.

October 6, 2016

When Outkast gave us Ms. Jackson, they gave us one of the most infectious songs of all time, and a very fun and playful one at that. Some earworms are not welcome. You can’t get rid of their melody from your head, and you find it annoying. I’ve never felt that way about Ms. Jackson, which will surely pass the test of all time. It makes sense then that Ms. Jackson has been the subject of much remixing and covering over the years, many of them incredibly fresh and innovative (don’t forget ZHU launched his career with an anonymous Outkast mashup/cover not too long ago). That brings us to this track, a banger through and through. New Los Angeles duo Party Pupils bursts on to the scene with an epic version of Ms. Jackson, a hyper active cover re-work that takes the original’s funky hip hop and turns it into a Jersey club bouncing, future funk slicing, and electro house surging sonic oasis. This frisky sleek Ms. Jackson is easily one of my favorite approaches on the track, and we’ve had plenty over the years. Party Pupil’s Ms. Jackson is a free download, here.