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February 23, 2018

Some of you may not have heard of Paris yet, but trust me, you’ll be hearing a whole lot of this name soon enough. He’s a swiftly rising artist from Los Angeles who’s already been tapped to go on tour with Post Malone, and his new single trap/hip hop single Reasons, produced by Taz Taylor, Nick Mira, and E-Trou Beats, is undeniably hooking and fresh. Reasons is coarse and gritty, but its electronic soundscape is also dreamily hypnagogic. You can find shades of tour mate Post Malone and fellow rising star Joji in the song. You can also stream Paris’ prior viral release Po’ed Up, produced by Marz, via Soundcloud, here.

November 7, 2017

Though I’ve only been to Paris once, I fell deeply in love with the City Of Lights. Though we’ve only heard a handful of songs from Swedish project Snow Culture this year, I also fell hard for their icy enchanting electropop, oft times so dark and edgy, just the way I like it. Snow Culture has now released their debut EP, and the five track collection includes a song named Paris. They go light and airy on this entrancing gem, a blissful glimmering, euphoric gliding beauty that showcases a different side to the Stockholm duo’s sound. A delicately tinkling melody takes me back to the beauty and romance of Paris. Make sure you check out Snow Culture’s EP1, out now on Neon Gold Records, here.

April 4, 2017

But a few days ago, Vancouver’s Said The Whale released their highly anticipated new album As Long As Your Eyes Are Wide after having teased us with so many incredible tunes off the album leading up to its release date. If you’re a close follower of IHM and you’ve listened through the record, one song might have popped out as strangely familiar despite not being one of the previews we’ve shared. As it turns out, Tyler from Said The Whale was also involved in an indie project named P’ARIS. Last year, we gleefully shared P’ARIS’ song Confidence. Tyler has since combined the two projects into one, and Said The Whale has re-worked and re-released Confidence with a new video, too. He took over the vocals from his friend Rosie to give us this new rendition of the velvet thrumming and flushed grooving electronic pop song. Confidence is more sublime than ever. The song is about “slowly coming to terms with the realities of adulthood”, but all I want to do is shirk all responsibility and sink for all eternity into Said The Whale’s vibrant plushness. As Long As Your Eyes Are Wide is out now on iTunes.

January 26, 2017

There’s a lot of ground to cover if The Chainsmokers’ Paris is going to catch up to Ed Sheeran’s Shape Of You as most remixed track of the month, but it’s certainly making some headway as fine edits like this one spring up. Dutch production project Syzz amps up the hit with more bpms as they turn the track into a progressive house epic. This is an arena ready feel good thriller, a high energy tonic that takes us on a cathartic ride. You can download Syzz’s remix for free, here.

January 24, 2017

It’s time for a sexy Parisian tryst as ALLURE announces his next EP by deluging us with resplendent French electro on Night And Day, the first soulful taste of what’s to come this summer. This gleaming dance aria is a breezy swaying, luscious bouncing, elegant trilling extravaganza sure to warm you on a cold night and put a massive smile on your face. Dance the hours away in front of a cozy fireplace as you dream of romance and splendor to Night And Day.

January 14, 2017

It’s obvious by now that anything The Chainsmokers touches or drops is solid gold these days, and IHM is more than proud to have been along for their meteoric rise since the beginning, when they were moving our feet and pumping us up with exhilarating remixes long before their chart topping originals. Drew and Alex offer up their latest smash hit in the form of Paris. Though the song features Emily Warren on backing vocals, the fellows make a surprising solo turn on the track after having partnered up with countless beloved guest vocalists on their prior singles. As someone who is eternally in love with the City Of Lights, I was immediately drawn to the new single’s name. Paris, which surfaces via a lyric video, is a pop leaning jam with soft steady beats and a gently wistful melody. Regret and nostalgia ooze from this saccharine hued ballad, a bosom companion to Closer. Snag the track from major outlets, here.

November 28, 2015

Many bands and musicians have offered up tributes after the tragic events that occurred in Paris two weeks ago. Paris based classically trained singer songwriter Ana Zimmer offers up an ode to the City Of Lights by covering Swedish band Little Dragon’s Paris. I previously compared Ana Zimmer to both Lana Del Rey and MS MR on her darkly riveting music, and she certainly reminds me of them again on this fantastic electropop cover, which alternates between sparkly lightness and droning darkness. It’s a riveting tribute, a beautiful and arresting performance.

November 24, 2015


Many of us have been hit very hard by recent tragic events in Paris, which felt like a direct affront on all music and freedom loving people, launching us into heartfelt solidarity and spurning much tribute in the music scene within its wake. Singer songwriter Chløë Black, who enraptured us a year ago with her beautiful, haunting pop debut 27 Club, was raised in Paris and the US, despite being born in Australia. She offers up her own memorial by covering legendary French singer and actress Françoise Hardy’s Le Temps de L’Amour, delivering a deeply resonating and sincerely emotional rendition of the song. It’s a cover both elegant chic and huskily sultry, and she now premieres a music video for the captivating tribute. Chløë Black’s voice is stunning on the song, exuding deep maturity and exquisite dignity. The video for Le Temps de L’Amour is a riveting montage of Chløë Black’s own clips of Paris and stock footage from a glamorous era of Paris, one bygone yet still definitively preserved within the City Of Light’s romantic class and timeless beauty, both which swept me away when I visited Paris and its music venues for the first time just a month prior to recent events. 

Chløë Black made the following moving statement in regards to the magnetizing cover and video:

“I’ve always loved this Françoise Hardy song. It’s timelessly cool and has only served to further fuel my obsession with French sixties bombshells.

Last weeks heartbreaking events literally hit close to home as Paris is the backdrop of my earliest memories. This grief made me hear the song in a new light. No longer just cool; it has taken on a personal melancholy and deeper meaning for me.

I wanted to, in a small way, honour not only the beauty of Parisians but humanity itself. I cut together a combination of stock footage and some clips I filmed myself in Paris a couple of years ago.

My heart goes out to those everywhere who have lost loved ones to terror.





You can stream the cover on Soundcloud below and follow along with an English translation of Le Temps de L’Amour’s lyrics below it. Thank you,

Chløë Black. You’ve captured my very sentiments in this time of dark grief, expressed in a way I cannot. You give remembrance, keep us company, and give us hope with your music.

It is the time of love,
the time of friends and adventure.
As the time comes and goes,
one thinks of nothing in spite of one’s wounds.
Because the time of love
it’s long and it’s short,
it lasts forever, we will remember it
At twenty, we tell ourselves that we are kings of the world,
and that all the blue sky will be in our eyes forever.
It is the time of love,
the time of friends and adventure.
As the time comes and goes,
We think of nothing in spite of our wounds.
For the time of love
it fills your heart
with so much warmth and happiness.
One fine day it’s love and the heart beats faster,
for life follows its course
and one is totally happy to be in love.
It is the time of love,
the time of friends and adventure.
When the time comes and goes,
one thinks of nothing in spite of one’s wounds.
For the time of love
it’s long and it’s short,
it lasts forever, we will remember it…

August 18, 2015

I knew I was hooked when the first glitchy notes of Confidence danced merrily through my ears. The bubbly electronic pop song comes from a band from Canada named P’ARIS. Cottony female cooing that reminds me of recently buzzing starlets Phoebe Ryan and CAPPA are backed by velvet smooth male vocals on the rich and resplendent song. Confidence is only the second song from the duo, but they dole out plenty of confidence on the flushed groover, easily a favorite new find for me.

April 7, 2015

Let’s keep those tropical rays of warmth going with a slick and swanky remix of PVRIS’s Mind Over Matter by Los Angeles’ Alex Mescudi and his buddy DJ Scout. Future bass and summery house pair up for an alluringly opulent experience. The rich and resplendent remix is a fitting complement for PVRIS’ beautiful vocals.