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February 27, 2012

Miike Snow’s Paddling Out grew on me a lot since it first previewed. The endless numbers of remixes keep coming out for the track these days, and here’s one of the new ones. The Wolfgang Gartner remix is a hard hitting, well made club mix, and people are loving it. Here’s a dose of much needed Monday energy! Paddling out yet?

OFFICIAL VID: Miike Snow – Paddling Out

February 3, 2012

What the what? I realized I accidentally shared the new Miike Snow single previously, but somehow titled it the “official vid” when it obviously was just the audio. Well, sorry to lie to ya, and to appease you, here’s the brand new REAL video! Geezus… there’s a TON of goodies released today audio and video (and disco? pun intended!)… so bear with me as there may be an onslaught of posts as I can’t really weed any of this out. I mentioned earlier on that I liked the first single Devil’s Work off the upcoming album more than Paddling Out, but I find myself questioning that now. Looking forward to the release of Happy To You!

OFFICIAL VID: Miike Snow – Paddling Out

January 19, 2012

OH HERE it IS! I’ve been looking out for this all day! On top of that, I just purchased my tickets to Miike Snow’s stop in the bay in April. However, I’m up against a HUGE dilemma because that very same night, Metronomy AND Gotye are performing in San Francisco. Ahhhh. WHYYYYY? *shakes fist* WHYYYY?!

Well, at least I get to put off deciding for awhile, and enjoy the new Miike Snow for now. Dangit. This is NOT helping me with my decision. Although not as great as Devil’s Work, this will no doubt grow on me and is already very enjoyable the first listen through.