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February 15, 2017

I can’t be more proud that prolific producer KRANE (fka KRNE) hails from Oakland here in the Bay. If you’re at all a fan of the best in new trap and bass music, then you’ve surely fallen for some if not all of KRANE’s magnificent originals, remixes, and collaborations these past couple of years. Yesterday, KRANE dropped his new EP, SESSIONS 04, the latest edition from an ongoing project in which he periodically collaborates with other producers who submit rough demos. The latest release includes superbly crafted tracks with the likes of WYOMI, Laxcity, Oceans, and DNMO. Though hard pressed to select a tune to highlight, we’ve gone with the vocals permeated Laxcity track, because it’s such a dreamy luscious future bass aria featuring silky vocals by Sherry W. The dusky late night twinkler gracefully ripples and nimbly pitches, taking us on a sublime trip through the night sky. It’s more than fitting that such a tune is named Outside. The fleecy textured collaboration with England’s Laxcity is just more proof of KRANE’s stunning versatility and skill. Stream the SESSIONS 04 EP in full on Soundcloud.

September 1, 2016

We get to re-visit Calvin Harris’ 2014 hit with Ellie Goulding, Outside, thanks to a producer out of sunny California named Tokii. He gives the song an aerial sweeping, cinematic stirring flip that feels like it was lifted right out of an epic film. It may be another foggy cold day in the Bay, but this progressive house remix illuminates my morning, soaking everything in beauty and uplifting optimism. Tokii’s Outside flip is a free download, here.

August 4, 2016

British duo TENDER have returned with a new single heavily saturated with their unmistakable brand of slinky seductive music. Outside smolders and broods, a rich and evocative swathe of funk, R&B, and indietronica. TENDER has always reminded me of a more racy heaving, restless seething middle point between Glass Animals and JUNGLE, and Outside is no different. Along with the new song comes news that TENDER has signed to Partisan Records. Congratulations are in order, and I look forward to what they have in store for us on the label. 

July 12, 2016

Beauvois is sort an alter ego of French producer Kidswaste. To be accurate, it’s the name he once created music under before switching over to the newer moniker, but apparently he’s continued to put out songs as Beauvois. Outside is a new track from that project, a sweet melting chill electronic lullaby that exposes his soft under belly. Sensitive and simplistic Outside consists of a stark melody, tender vocals, delicate guitar, and a gently ambient soundscape. It lulls me into a world of dreamy wonder. A sigh rises from me as Beauvois reminds us that as bad as it gets, there is always light at the end of the tunnel. Download Outside from Soundcloud.

May 7, 2015

Yes, I know there have been quite a few remixes of Calvin Harris’ hit song Outside, featuring Ellie Goulding, floating around, but one that must be celebrated is this beach ready edit by a producer named CHIMS. Unsurprisingly, the chill melodic producer comes from where else, but Norway! Despite the track’s summery atmosphere, CHIMS’ remix is no Kygo trop house jam. Instead, it’s a smooth and sparkling tune, with a mellow pensive vibe that furnishes a bittersweet and nostalgic timbre. It’s genuinely beautiful, in fact.

April 30, 2015

I’ve got one more killer remix that I must share before I call it a night. There have been bountiful remixes of Calvin Harris’ Ellie Goulding featuring hit, Outside. Southern California’s Bad Vision offers up the newest edit, and it’s a raging banger that blends future bass and electro in a glorified amalgamation of sublime, suspenseful sound. They alternate between heavy hitting darkness and airy, radiant liveliness on the spectacular dance track. I’ll summarize with one word: SICK.

January 9, 2015

A Swedish chanteuse named Lilly Ahlberg recently covered Calvin Harris’ Outside, which of course, originally featured Ellie Goulding. German producer Shoby caught wind of this exquisite, stripped down rendition and transformed the acoustic cover into a beautiful tropical house track. Chill beats pump along with the melodic house remix’s soft bongos and flittery flute.