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August 14, 2012

Another Outside Lands related post in some ways, so I’ll tie it right in… Bloc Party released their Octopus EP yesterday!!! And on it, a new song, Straight Thru Cru. Stream it below. It’s a very decent Bloc Party track, not their best, but satisfying nonetheless. BUT, BUT, BUT, do you see that photo above? Do ya? HUH HUH HUH? Yesterday, I saw Bloc Party live at Outside Lands 2012. Yesterday, I jumped my feet off to Kele’s crooning and Bloc Party’s mad guitar riffs at Outside Lands 2012. It wasn’t their best set ever, but who gives a damn, it’s Bloc Party! Yesterday, I came home with one of Matt Tong’s beat up Outside Lands 2012 drum sticks. Look at how beat up that thing is, but who would be surprised? We’re talking about THE Matt Tong who collapses his own lung drumming for Bloc Party. THAT MATT TONG. Big thanks to my friend who was the one who actually caught the thing when it sailed above my head and right behind me. A relic to cherish forever for shizzle. OK, now it’s time for you to be jelly. 😉

Jack White Pop-up At Outside Lands

August 14, 2012

There’s no better place to do a pop-up than San Francisco’s Outside Lands. It fits the spirit of the fest oh so well. Jack White surprised everyone with an afternoon set by the food trucks in the woods this weekend. Turns out, even Tom Morello showed up and did a surprise set there in the woods (cue Bon Iver music). I, sadly, had no idea this was going on and was off running around between other sets and completely missed the magical moment. Don’t hate me, but I also sacrificed Jack White’s set later that day to catch Santigold and Bloc Party (I’m a huge Bloc Party fan and it was well worth it). But if I could clone myself and hit up everything I regretfully had to miss, I would’ve hit up Jack White’s pop-up and his official set at Lands’ End on the Polo Fields. So, don’t feel too jealous watching these next couple of amazing clips. I didn’t get to see it live, either. Mr. White chose to use his all female backing band for the woods surprise show, and switched to his all male backing band for the official set. Here’s his performances of Hotel Yorba and Love Interruption. I wonder if these folks felt like they were incredibly lucky to have been grabbing some food truck bites right around this time! Note to my future clone: camp out in the woods. STAY there. Wait for musical surprises.

August 10, 2012

Pardon me, as I take a little hiatus and rush to get ready for day one of Outside Lands 2012. It’s been hectic prepping and getting things done beforehand, but it’s going to be another epic 3 day festival weekend in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park!!! You can listen to full sets LIVE online here:  It’ll be a marathon weekend for me. I started off with my own pre-show on Wednesday catching Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, which was incredible, and last night was a sold out Night Show at the Cal Academy where Of Monsters and Men killed it. Here goes the actual fest itself… Wish me luck!

April 17, 2012

This might already be old news for those of you who were as excited to find out about the Outside Lands 2012 lineup as I was. It was the first thing I checked on this morning. But it ain’t right to not share it on here anyway. Also, check out the tongue in cheek lineup video with MC Hammer. It’s Hammer time!