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April 21, 2017

Sometimes, I wonder if Pharrell actually lurks on the pages of IHM. We discovered and featured Maggie Rogers over two years ago, supposedly just before he discovered Maggie Rogers and helped to propel her to her current level of fame and buzz. And we’ve been fans of incredibly gifted NoMBe for well over two years, and now Pharrell is heavily touting his horn, too. In all seriousness though, I kid, I’m sure Pharrell, who has a knack for finding talent, picks up on these amazing artists in a myriad of ways far removed from our little corner of the interwebs. I’m infinitely glad he’s hopped on the NoMBe train though. Pharrell describes the Los Angeles based artist’s music as “…for the subconscious… He writes and produces dream sequences.” This is never more apparent than on Can’t Catch Me, the latest chapter in NoMBe’s monthly singles series leading up to his highly anticipated debut album. We’re literally transported to a different time period, a parallel universe, by this funky 60′s soul piece that features LA art rockers New Mystics. Woozy upbeat and snap-tastic spicy Can’t Catch Me really can’t be caught… You’ll want to tap your feet and snap your fingers as you run after this virile driving dazzler. It rushes forth with such feral passion. Can’t Catch Me was personally chosen by Pharrell as the theme song for new HBO documentary Outpost. Grab the song from iTunes, here.