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March 2, 2018

San Francisco Bonobo fans (and there are so many of us here) are stoked they get to catch the esteemed and celebrated British producer throw down a DJ set this Saturday at The Midway. I’m guessing it’s more than likely that Simon Green will drop on his transcendental new collaboration with fellow Brit, George FitzGerald. When he does, the crowd is going to collectively melt to Outgrown’s beautifully spiraling, halcyon spinning ambient electronica, so gently saturated with soft garage beats. Outgrown is an emotionally stirring, delicately embroidered new taste from George FitzGerald’s highly anticipated full length, All That Must Be, out on March 9th. Pre-order the album, here.

August 5, 2015

New Zealand newcomer Georgia Campbell belts out moody pop music with a commanding power and a bold maturity. Outgrown, one of two spectacular debuts the singer songwriter revealed recently, demonstrates that sheer dynamism to the max. It’s a gripping anthem of the kind you can’t turn away from once you’ve heard its first notes. I can only imagine what sort of effect the song and Georgia’s magnificent voice would have on me if I were fortunate enough to hear Outgrown performed live. The fiery fierce alt and electro pop song is a magnificent way to announce Georgia Campbell’s towering presence.