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May 22, 2018

Just the title Time, Real & Imaginary sends me spiraling into an episode of deep reflection and profound meditation. Listening to Time, Real & Imaginary, however, is even more intensive of an enlightening ordeal. What’s even more mind blowing is the fact that this introspective future bass opus comes from a 16 year old producer named Jaron. Imagine k?d’s already expansive and scopic electro house/future bass but multiply those aspects ten-fold and tone down the high-voltage jolts. Jaron’s exquisite orchestral trap composition brings us halcyon moments as well as near spiritual moments of heightened awareness and comprehension. Time, Real & Imaginary is crafted out of deep wisdom despite the producer’s young age. It’s incredibly evocative and beautiful, and a sweet moment of respite from the noise all around us. Jaron brings what really matters into focus. Time, Real & Imaginary is a free download, here.

April 6, 2018

There are plenty of rad remixes of Lorde songs off her last album Melodrama floating about, but have you heard this recent remix of Green Light by PINES? As much as all the tracks off Melodrama were brilliant, Green Light is without a doubt my favorite. The Australian duo gives the track an atmospheric blustering, coruscant sparkling future bass re-fix that totally bucks the feel of the original. The green glow of this beautifully diaphanous re-imagination, an orchestral lush transformation, reveals a scintillating new side to Green Light. You can listen to PINES on Spotify, here.

February 10, 2018

There’s no “faking” the talent that obviously exudes from this new project LMBO, a duo from both New Orleans and Minnesota. The singer songwriter and multi-instrumentalist newcomers make their debut on Fake It, a florid and ornate effusion of finely crafted future trap, emotive pop, and opulent electronica. This track has it all…. Its spectacular vistas are built on eloquent strings, followed by precipitous drops and rounded out by ominously pacing beats. LMBO takes us on a breathtaking journey with their first single. All we can do now is hope for more from this compelling new duo. Fake It is a free download, here.

January 5, 2018

I was much surprised to find out last month that Chandler Riggs, the actor who plays Carl on The Walking Dead, had launched a production career as ‘eclipse’. In fact, he’d linked up with our friend Lolaby for his first release, ‘hold on’, a celestial future bass aria that took us on a spiritually enriching journey. eclipse is back with his second track lunar to further prove his production prowess. eclipse partners up with mysterious producer jaron on this stunning new opus, a future bass and electro trap sprawler with a grandeur that evokes k?d, Porter’s recent project Virtual Self, and Flume. The astonishing space odyssey is a free download, here. Revisit ‘hold on’, featuring Lolaby, below.

November 22, 2017

Trust me when I say diving into this next one is as far from a mistake as can be. Mistakes comes from Australian production luminary Basenji, and it even features fellow Down Under talent Tkay Maidza on fierce captivating pop vocals. Flume and What So Not like grandiose and majestic future trap vibes ooze aplenty from this exultant charging masterpiece. Basenji engulfs us into a world of orchestral lavish, beat thundering splendor on Mistakes, which is accompanied by a lyric video you can watch below. You can also stream the single via Spotify, here.

May 21, 2017

Brooklyn by way of New Zealand electronic duo Mt. Eden and Harlem’s FatherDude make a divine pairing on their single Anyone, a unique and exemplary trap and dubstep hybrid. The intense and powerful orchestral makeup of this robust heaving, dulcet rolling song dresses Anyone in very regal threads. The epic masterpiece is out now on Ultra. Find it via all major outlets, here.

September 12, 2016

Though Venice, California producer REVOKE is brand new in my books, he’s made a deep and moving impression on my heart with his new original, Don’t Leave The Light On, featuring heartfelt vocals by Beta Play’s Tom Cantillon. This orchestral stirring electronic number is stunningly beautiful. It’s more than fit for an epic cinematic moment in some grand enrapturing film. Trumpeting grandeur and deliberate pacing chill trap make Don’t Leave The Light On a graceful modern waltz. Watch the music video for Don’t Leave The Light On below and purchase the gem from iTunes.

September 15, 2015

The latest producer to take on super producer Kaskade’s heart rending electronic anthem Disarm You, featuring Ilsey, is Connecticut’s BKAYE. Crafted for a remix competition, BKAYE’s Disarm You is a whomping, leaping creature of magnificence. If cinematic trap were a genre name, this would be a defining specimen of the classification. Uplifting progressions and breathtaking drops take us on noble journey fit for royalty. You can vote for BKAYE’s striking remix, here.