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January 16, 2018

A grand and cinematic, sweeping and emphatic pastiche of stately alt pop and trip hop greets our ears on Goodbye Highline, the latest self-produced single from rising British trio STITCH, who are poised to release their debut EP Welcome To The Dream this March. It’s the third song STITCH has revealed from their EP, following Fool and Not One To Say, both of which have been critically acclaimed. A soaring chorus and a breathtaking spread of strings accompany the song’s towering vocals, whose near operatic magnificence evoke Haelos and London Grammar. 

STITCH says: “Goodbye Highline is about the moment of bittersweet realisation where you are letting go of someone. You are simultaneously looking back, conscious of the good times spent together and accepting the love lost, whilst looking forward with optimism and at long last, embracing the ability to move on.” Keep up with STITCH on their website, here, and stream their prior singles on Soundcloud, here.

January 16, 2018

It might be two months away from now, but SXSW is on every obsessive music fan’s mind right now and I already have a growing list of must see artists and bands lingering in my mind. One such act is SYML, the musician from Seattle who’s also much loved as a founding member and the frontman of the band Barcelona. I imagine myself melting straight into the floor when I finally get to listen to his ambient pop and dream folk live, and though I’m still much absorbed by his breakout single Where’s My Love, I can’t help but fully surrender myself to his sophomore EP, In My Body, too. The EP, which just dropped last Friday, opens with this stunning song, Body, a somberly pensive yet eloquently billowing composition, saturated with lush instrumentals and SYML’s fluid and emotive vocals. Body is beautifully haunting and but another example of SYML’s exceptional ability to take us on a transcendental sojourn with his deeply moving, ever devastating music. Stream In My Body in full on Soundcloud, here. Download from iTunes, here.

January 9, 2018

It boggles our minds how we let a fine new song from I AM WILLOW slip us by last month, but the classically trained singer songwriter’s Colourless is a beautifully cinematic electropop must. Regal clattering drums are accompanied by a lush orchestral arrangement on the phenomenal track about being true to yourself. Front and center are the Londoner’s exceptional vocals, which have a bold and fierce confidence to them alongside their flawless beauty. Colourless arrives with a captivating and inspiring music video. Colourless is the first in a series of songs Willow is releasing every 6 weeks for the next two years. We can’t wait to hear what’s next, which should be arriving soon, considering our belated share of this ravishing chapter of this expansive listening experience.  I AM WILLOW explains: “‘Colourless’ is about not being afraid to truly be myself without worrying about what others think. For way too long I made decisions based on what I thought others expected of me but I realised it was only leading me down an unhappy path. That’s when I took a step back, spent some time getting to know myself better and found a way to be the best person I can be. I still care what others think of me, but it doesn’t stop me for doing what feels right to me." 

January 4, 2018

The sheer power of a million mighty suns are packed into the emotional force of 1000 SUNS, the latest ravishing alt pop single from British artist AUGUST. Though it’s a rustic tinged, broken-hearted ambler, 1000 SUNS overwhelms the senses with a lush orchestral canvas, over which Steve Hughes of AUGUST sings his very heart out. The atmospheric yet homey aria fills us with both wonder and a comforting sadness. For a moment, we are all kindred souls, experiencing the same aching longing. He explains that the inspiration behind his project’s moniker came from an old song Hughes wrote, with the
same name, and it was also the month he started working on this collection of songs.
Hughes has supported the likes of 21 Pilots, Jack Garratt and Walk The Moon, and
there will be more live shows coming in early 2018. You can also stream 1000 SUNS on Spotify, here.

November 21, 2017

On Friday, heart tenderizing British duo Aquilo released side A of their sophomore album, ‘ii’, on Harvest Records. To mark the arrival of the five-track EP, the pair have shared a music video for new single Who Are You, a beautifully misty and woodsy willowy suffusion of lush orchestral, soul searching bliss. It’s long been apparent it’s impossible not to melt to Tom Higham and Ben Fletcher’s music. Take in their new EP/Side A of their next album in full, here

“We’re doing things differently,” explains Ben. “Streaming has changed how we all consume music. We still love the album format, but it needs updating. Releasing an album in two halves is our way of doing that.”

November 17, 2017

Scottish singer songwriter Kate Buchan just released her second album as Best Girl Athlete. The self titled release is out now via Fitlike Records. The latest single off the record is a stark, striking gem named Lucy, inspired by the film of the same name starring Scarlett Johansson and directed by Luc Besson. With it, the compelling musician continues to blur the lines between folksy alt pop and orchestral indie rock, all the while bewitching us with her brittle and willowy yet sonorous ringing voice. Lucy feels honest and raw, weathered and earnest. The single arrives with a B-side named Frayed, which you can stream below. Mournful strings and gorgeous piano guide us through the poignant and sorrowful dirge. Both songs are available from iTunes, here.

November 17, 2017

My heart literally skipped more than a beat earlier this afternoon when I happened to come across news of a new song from Patrick Watson. The Montreal based singer songwriter has been a respected member of the music scene since the early 2000′s, but it was around 2011, just before the release of his full length Adventures In Your Own Backyard, that I happened upon his music and fell ever deeply in love with his exquisite orchestral and folk steeped sound. Broken seems to be Patrick’s first song since 2015 album Love Songs For Robots. It arrives by way of music video, and it’s an exquisitely moving ballad that sees Patrick Watson bridging the halcyon beauty of early James Vincent McMorrow and the dynamic ambiance of Ben Howard, with perhaps a bit of BANNERS, Aquilo, and Vancouver Sleep Clinic’s effusive, expansive sentimentality mixed in, too. Broken near leaves me broken with its beauty. Patrick Watson calls it a one off he wanted to share before his next record, and he dedicates the song to the storms we went through. You can get the single, here.

November 14, 2017

Philadelphia songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Hazey Eyes surely chose the most fitting name for his musical moniker. Having captured our attention earlier this year with his song Some Reason with FEELDS, he now returns with Welsh artist Violet Skies in tow on emotionally charged, understated pop ballad Run For, a song well worthy of smoky, misty eyes. Each strike of piano and each heartfelt verse cuts into the heart. Run For oozes heartbreak, loneliness, and anguish. It’s a thoroughly moving, stringy lavish pop aria out now via Majestic Casual Records. Stream/download, here.

November 14, 2017

NONONO seriously slayed 2013 with one of the best indie pop songs of that year, the unforgettably luminous Pumping Blood. The Swedish alt-pop troupe quickly became a powerhouse in the indie scene as they rode the momentum of that debut. In 2014, they gave us their first album, We Are Only What We Feel. These past couple of years have been a dry spell for us NONONO fans, so we’re definitely celebrating the band’s return with emotive new single Lost Song on Warner Music Sweden. The Stockholm trio wax melodic on this endearing new anthem, which sports some cutting edge electronic production alongside its cinematic keys and pearly pop. Speaking about the new single, singer Stina explains, “The song is about losing and regaining trust in life. Having the cornerstones of my belief system crushed but finding trust in the basics of being, like being a tree or the way a child just is. To me this is a very powerful and healing feeling and I hope it can reach and translate to anyone who is listening.” Stream/download this single, here.

November 9, 2017

Despite his reputation as a brilliant producer and songwriter back home in Sweden, we’re not exactly familiar with iSHi. It’s now obvious to us how criminal that is after we’ve encountered his new song as alter-ego The Alley. No More features soulful emotive vocals by a mysterious songbird, and it swells with lush orchestral strings and a cinematic stirring expansiveness. Words fail to describe the sweeping, soaring magnificence of this soulful orchestral pop masterpiece, a heart swelling, fervently heartfelt sonic spectacular. Download and alternate streaming options are available for No More, here.