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May 19, 2018

It was a year ago that we first discovered Soft Corporate, right around the time they made their debut with Boats. We were immediately taken in by the band’s ruminative music. The four piece Melbourne outfit returns today with a leisurely brooding new chamber pop meets ambient rock single named Full Of Nothing. A haunting string section, courtesy of violinist Kelly Lane, joins pensive keys and melancholic vocals to create a quiet sense of unease. Our own hearts begin to ache rather blissfully as we ride the gentle tide of this beautifully mournful canticle. The band will be launching the single on June 2nd at The Toff In Town in Melbourne. Tickets are on sale now. Soft Corporate’s Full of Nothing is out now.

May 19, 2018

21 year old Los Angeles based singer songwriter and actress Lia Marie Johnson released a beautiful new song today named Champagne, out on Capitol Records. She turns in stunningly emotive vocals on the trip hop laced, string opulent pop ballad. Palpable yearning and heartache oozes from the break-up ballad, co-written by Johnson with producer Nick Routh, Brittany Amaradio, and KoKo LaRoo. Champagne is Lia Marie Johnson’s first new solo track since she entranced us pensive smoldering, breathy seductive Cold Heart Killer a year ago. She’s been named by many venerated publications as one to watch in the interim. Beautifully compelling Champagne more than serves to back up those claims. The single is available, here.

May 9, 2018

We’re always met by glacial grandeur and flawlessly ethereal vocals when it comes to Aurora, the Norwegian musician who’s been an IHM favorite for several years now. As expected, Aurora Aksnes has become a much beloved artist in that time, and she’s preparing to release a new album to follow up on her much praised 2016 debut, All My Demons Greeting Me As A Friend. The free spirited artist has shared a magnificent new song named Queendom, whose video is as fanciful and other worldly as we’ve come to expect from Aurora. Queendom is majestic and regal, with a wonderfully vernal vibrancy. And it only seems appropriate that she’d release a song named Queendom, considering the fact that she’s struck us as an ice princess or snow queen (of the benevolent kind) since day one. Queendom celebrates diversity and differences, it’s a festive revelry of a plumed beauty. New music from Aurora always feels like a blessing we are not worthy of. She’s as magical and magnanimous as they come. Stream/download Queendom, here.

April 25, 2018

Vestigial tails are strange unnecessary relics leftover from our evolution as human beings. But they’ve lent themselves well to Enola Fall’s sprawling new single, Vestigial Tail. The Tasmanian band has shared a Lynch-meets-Pan’s Labyrinth styled music video to go along with their fourth and final single from forthcoming album Bloodhound, their first record since permanently moving to Los Angeles late last year. Wild Beasts’ melodramatic tendencies intertwine with DeVotchka’s orchestral driven grandeur and Geographer’s dark fantastical beauty on Vestigial Tail. It’s a dream-like, soul-searching journey that leaves us excited for Bloodhound, expected to arrive soon. Vestigial Tail can be found on iTunes, here.

April 19, 2018

Are you ready to listen to one of the most hauntingly beautiful songs of the year? I’d normally err on the side of caution when it comes to raising expectations too high, but I have no doubt that ‘lovely’ will exceed yours. And who else would be responsible for the track, but young Los Angeles singer songwriting prodigy Billie Eilish, who’s teamed up with hot R&B pop asset Khalid for the track, too. ‘lovely’ is an orchestral lush heartbreaker with gorgeous, heartbreaking vocals from both artists. Billie’s willowy voice and Khalid’s impassioned crooning entwine to construct a magically alluring but tragically gut-wrenching love story. ‘lovely’ can be found on iTunes, here.

April 13, 2018

As huge fans of FYFE over the years, we have no idea how we missed out on his excellent new single Hold Us Down last month. It’s probably his most animated and upbeat track to date, too, compared to his more poignant brooding offerings of the past. London musician Paul Dixon, the brilliant musician behind the project, scintillates us with frisky strings and his unique vocals on the exultant alt and chamber pop track. He’s since followed the song up with a collaboration with classical quartet Iskra Strings as well. Peaks is a lush Max Richter-like orchestral track from a new EP arriving in a week. We won’t be missing out on any news regarding that, you can count on it. Stream Peaks below.

April 12, 2018

The world around me seems to come to a stop as Jareth transfixes me with her silvery voice. Her vocals are incredibly clear and crisp, melodious and unsullied. They lead us through Bit By Bit, the London-based singer songwriter’s new single off her solo debut EP. It’s a refined indie soul meets orchestral pop aria from a compelling artist who’s lent her voice to collaborations with Rene LaVice, Bashy, Lioness, and Ghetts. She’s also been championed by and penned tracks for Cheryl and Chris Lake. Bit By Bit continues to showcase Jareth as a master of her craft. Her voice glides effortlessly above the song’s luscious strings and tender percussion. Jareth’s debut EP, Moonchild, will arrive later this year via new label Moonshot Music. Bit By Bit is available now, here.

April 3, 2018

A fortuitous expedition in search of fine new music turned up this magnificent gem from Natalie Saint-Martin, a smoky, sultry, yet clarion voiced singer songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Los Angeles. Wish You Well is like Meg Mac’s soulfulness, Lana Del Rey’s sadcore, and Jessie Reyez’ firecracker ferocity all wedded altogether into one orchestral gripping, cinematic scintillating alt pop aria. The song is the title track from a four track release, which you can stream via Soundcloud, here.

March 21, 2018

Constine’s debut single is a straight shot for my heart. It’s dark. It’s bewitching. It’s glacial. It’s magical and magnificent. The Swedish singer songwriter, musician, and producer prides herself in having full control of her art, and refuses to follow trends or orders from men. She makes a resolute stand with her first single, a melodramatic effusion of visceral dance beats and glassy chiming electronic pop named DIE. Constine, aka Hanna Lindgren, tells us: “The song is about the feeling of being on the verge… It’s about when you’ve lost yourself, in someone or something. Both those feelings can be completely magical but also so damn unpleasant.”  There’s nothing unpleasant to be found in losing yourself in this splendid song, which comes accompanied by a thoroughly captivating acoustic live video, too, featuring mournful cello strings and haunting drums.  Watch the video below. You can also stream DIE via Spotify, here.

January 18, 2018

Janice is an R&B newcomer from Sweden who’s already blowing up back at home. In fact, her debut album arrives very soon, on February 2nd, and she’s been nominated for a Swedish Grammy for Best New Act. It’s only a matter of time before she makes a wide imprint on the states. Just watch her new video for Queen, and revel in her exceptional voice, a sonorous and soulful knockout. It’s no wonder

Janice has been compared to the likes of Jessie Ware, Lianne La Havas, and Seinabo Sey. Janice’s single Queen is a resolute and powerful single, with luscious strings, rhapsodic organ chords, and heartfelt piano keys. Stream/download this knockout R&B pop/gospel pop ballad, here.