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January 22, 2016

Mysterious London based act Opal Blue stunned the world and seduced us with warped, brooding debut Way Down late last year. In case some of those effects have waned, they’ve returned with a dusky second song named Time Travel. My heart unravels to its haunting woefulness, as the song gradually swells and ebbs with moody, skewed grandeur. You’ll want to take Time Travel with you into those tormented wee hours of the morning when you’re missing someone from the past, and wishing you can turn back the clock. Opal Blue will be releasing a debut EP later in February, entitled She Goes Deep. I can only imaging how gut wrenching of a spectacular it’s going to be.

November 6, 2015

Mysterious new London band Opal Blue, aside from obviously loving the color blue very much, make a grand entrance with their first original, a warped and brooding song named Way Down. The debut single is a mournfully tense experience, a minimalist electronica and dark pop ambler that crawls and creeps deliberate and slow. Opal Blue crafts their bewitching music from repressed vocals and out of tune instruments. Way Down is a first taste from a forthcoming debut EP named She Goes Deep. Opal Blue has me thoroughly mesmerized with their music, an abysmal, drowning pit of spectacular moodiness.