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January 26, 2018

On Call is an exhilarating track we shared previously half a year ago, but now that it’s been re-released on Foreign Family Collective, its psychedelic spiraling electro-soul and saucy slinking electronica are ripe for a re-share. The song comes from NYC based songwriter and producer White Cliffs, and it’s quite the dashing, swaggering funk imbued, bass profuse jam. It’s near impossible not to shuffle your feet and swing your hips to the plucky, stylish tune. Stream/download the single, here.

July 15, 2017

As it draws later into a Friday night, I find myself ready to shift gears into something more upbeat and appropriate for the start of the weekend. Not only is White Cliffs’ On Call an exhilarating jam that fits the bill, it also goes the extra mile with its psychedelic spiraling electro-soul and a saucy slinking groove. We were mainly familiar with the NYC based songwriter and producer’s remixes and collaborations in the past, but with On Call, he’s marked himself a solo artist to watch. White Cliffs already has a debut EP readied for us, due to arrive September 29th. He says of its lead single: ‘"On Call" represents a new road that I’ve wanted to travel since making music… It’s a little taste of the songs I’ll be releasing from now on and I can’t put into words how excited I am to share it with everyone.“ People who say the word “swag” is used too often are right, but it’s the perfect description for On Call.