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August 18, 2016

Old Days isn’t the first time we’ve been treated to the glorious teamwork that arises when Yellow Claw and San Holo partner up. After all, the two Dutch production acts gave us a vicious thrilling number named Alright at the beginning of the year. Let’s hope Old Days isn’t the last time they unite, too. This electronic masterpiece is absolutely magnificent, a sensationally lifting, thoroughly exhilarating number that journeys between contrasting soundscapes. One moment, Old Days is gliding through melodic bouncing, beautifully tranquil meadows. The next, it’s diving off precipitous cliffs, landing in a sludge of heaving trap and whomping bass. Old Days is the opening track off of Yellow Claw’s label compilation The Barong Family Album, which saw a long list of gifted producers writing and creating 15 new tracks over the course of seven days during a retreat in the north of France. The album is a free download, here, and there’s a documentary about the making of the compilation, here.