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October 29, 2016

Back To The Start is sharp and crisp, enchanting and lithe, plus it features beautifully soaring vocals by Dutch songstress Gia Koka. From whence does such an irresistible future pop song come? At the helm of this endearing ditty is none other than OIJ, the producer from Amsterdam who arrested our attention a year ago with a stunning electropop song named Blinded. He takes us towards a more candied pop direction on his latest, and it’s quite the luscious elastic, buoyant bounding ride. Re-visit OIJ’s prior songs on Soundcloud.

August 26, 2015

I’m infinitely glad that a music video was released for this magnificent number today which I happened to pick up on, as I previously missed out on the resplendent radiance of Blinded, a stunning electronic pop debut from OIJ. The Dutch musician’s first track is a gripping, vivid blend of Glass Animals like slinkiness, Jack Garratt like sophisticated electro R&B production, and a Jungle like funkiness. It’s an infinitely impressive debut that seems to have slid by a lot of music head radars here in the US. Watch OIJ’s video for Blinded below. Blinded is available now on iTunes.