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October 27, 2017

My brain near short circuited from excitement when I noticed these two acts coming together on one new remix. I’m still glowing from the magnificence of Oh Wonder’s sold out show at the Fox in Oakland last week, and now a wicked remix of their Ultralife cut Lifetimes has surfaced. At the helm of this edit is Everything Everything, the Manchester art rock and experimental electronica band we adore to no end. Everything Everything released an excellent album recently in the form of A Fever Dream themselves. Now, they lend that feverish brilliance to this glitchy skittering, beat bristling remix of Lifetimes. This is Oh Wonder, as you’ve never heard them before, in the savvy hands of Everything Everything. Get ready to be darkly entranced by the turbulently rumbling tech styled remix. 

June 15, 2017

MOOSIQ MOSAIC : 06.12.2017 – 06.13.2017

Featured Music – June 12-13, 2017

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June 12, 2017

I’m an introvert by nature, though I used to be one of those super extroverted introverts back in my partying and clubbing days. It’s definitely not as easy for me to get “high on humans” as it is for extroverts who draw their energy from other people. But I do find myself “high on Oh Wonder” as seems to happen consistently whenever the endearing London duo regales us with new music. We went through a whole year of monthly “highs” when the pair was releasing their debut album, song by song over the course of a year. Oh Wonder is about to follow up that wonderful journey with their sophomore album, Ultralife, on July 14th. High On Humans is the latest preview from the highly anticipated record, and it’s a lavish and propulsive spectacular bursting with Oh Wonder’s usual infectious soaring, chromatic dazzling alt pop. High On Humans and title track Ultralife are probably my favorites off of the new album so far. I love how every Oh Wonder song brings something new and distinct to the table. Oh Wonder saturates High On Humans with a smattering of spoken vocal samples, which heavily remind me of Elohim’s production, too. Pre-order Ultralife, here. Oh Wonder says of High On Humans: 

High On Humans was inspired by a tube journey. On the way back from Heathrow Airport, I eavesdropped on a conversation between two girls who worked in a sunglasses shop at the terminal. They were happily going back and forth discussing their favourite foods. When one girl declared that she didn’t like hot sauce, I rudely interrupted and said, ‘What do you mean you don’t like hot sauce?!’. We then proceeded to have a twenty minute conversation about food, and the three of us exited the carriage high on adrenaline having connected with strangers.

I then went onto another train and chatted to a man who had knocked all his teeth out and was covered in blood. It created a carriage-wide conversation about injuries and operations. Everyone’s mood seemed lifted by this random interaction with the unknown. On the way back home from the station, I sang ‘I’m getting high on humans’ into voice notes on my phone, and sat down with Anthony to fully write it the next day.

This song celebrates the potential to ‘get high’ and feel liberated by talking to strangers. It’s something we all fear, and something we should all do more of…

May 20, 2017

Oh Wonder’s self titled debut album was an absolute favorite of mine back in 2015, so it shouldn’t come as a huge surprise that I’ve already pre-ordered sophomore album Ultralife, and I’m counting the days until it drops on July 14th. Heavy is the fourth track Josephine Vander Gucht and Anthony West have unveiled off of Ultralife, and it’s a smooth jewel of a jazzy pop jam. It’s come with an adorable visual accompaniment, which you can view below. If you’ve yet to pre-order your copy of this beloved London duo’s next full length, you can do so too, here.

April 29, 2017

I’m turned green with envy knowing full well that my colleague Nick was fortunate enough to see Oh Wonder not once, but twice, when he went to both weekends of Coachella, and countless other fans were able to make their way out to Santa Cruz in between those weekends to see our favorite UK duo play a sold out show at the Catalyst. It really doesn’t help my jealousy when Nick sends me footage of Oh Wonder performing Body Gold at the perfect moment at Coachella, when a golden sun is setting over the horizon and everything seems to be in the right place, nothing askew, nothing amiss, except for the fact that I wasn’t there. I trust in the thought that I’ll get to see Josephine and Anthony soon enough if luck would allow it. In the meantime, I look forward to their highly anticipated sophomore album with joy. And I melt away wistfully to their gorgeous new song, My Friends, a stripped down piano pop ballad mostly steeped in hushed, heartbreaking emotion before it lifts us up with a lush orchestral crescendo. The elegant aria takes us through a vast range of emotions with grace and beauty, in an eloquently and oh so unmistakably Oh Wonder way. Sophomore album Ultralife arraives June 16th, pre-order here, if you haven’t already done so.

April 7, 2017

MOOSIQ MOSAIC : 04.05.2017 – 04.06.2017

Featured music – April 5-6, 2017

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April 6, 2017

I had a very serendipitous moment just a short while ago. I happened to be perusing my YouTube feed, searching for gems and checking for treats when lo and behold, another new Oh Wonder song popped up on my feed! I’ve been jamming out to Lifetimes for a moment now, trying to make sure I didn’t share too quickly despite my excitement to do so, at least not till Oh Wonder officially announced the song. Lifetime is our second taste from Oh Wonder’s highly (and I mean HIGHLY) anticipated sophomore album Ultralife. We heard the amazing title track less than a week ago, now we get to twirl about to this magnificent gem, which Josephine and Anthony say is about climate change. They also cutely quip:  “Don’t be no climaphobe yo.” 

There isn’t a single Oh Wonder song that isn’t breathtakingly beautiful. Lifetimes is no different. Its jazzy alt/electro pop, that elaborate arrangement, and the pair’s silky flowing, harmonious skating voices bring upon us a sort of sonic euphoria that can only be attributed to Oh Wonder and their distinct style of music. If I had to pick a specific color (and not a multitude of colors, as I’d rather do) to describe Oh Wonder’s music, it would be gold, because that’s how shiny lustrous and effulgent stirring they always are. Along with their delectable new tune comes pre-order links for Ultralife! Lock in your copy of the sophomore record ahead of its June 16th release, here.

March 31, 2017

And here it is, folks! Oh Wonder is back! I’ve been waiting on pins and needles to hear fresh music from the beloved UK duo whom IHM has fervently supported since their debut what feels like a lifetime ago. Ultralife is Josephine Vander Gucht and Anthony West’s first song since their debut album, a record I love so dearly. As its name might suggest, Ultralife is ultra vibrant, a coruscant plumed beauty. Josephine and Anthony’s vocals come together euphoniously, as they always have, alongside Ultralife’s technicolor rich, exultant barreling alt pop. I miss the days when we had a new Oh Wonder song to look forward to every month, and this brings that unforgettable journey back to life for me. The pair have been working hard all this time, bringing us the joy of their live sets while travelling all across the world. It’s hard to believe it’s been well over a year since they sold out two shows in one night at Popscene. My memories of that evening are as vivid as ever. If you missed our interview with Oh Wonder that night, you can peep it, here. Ultralife is the title track from Oh Wonder’s sophomore album, due out June 16th. The single can be purchased now from iTunes. Here’s to hoping we get to see Oh Wonder in San Francisco again later this year, since there’s no way I can swing making a trip down to Santa Cruz on a weekday for their sold out show next month.

January 26, 2016

London duo Oh Wonder is currently on a massive tour after presenting us with their superb debut album last year. If you have a chance to catch them live, you really should do so, as I’ve told at least one other friend who ended up quite happy he made it out to the show in Toronto. Oh Wonder played two shows in San Francisco in ONE night a couple of weeks ago, and they astounded me so much that I’m still after glowing, days later. In case you missed it, I Heart Moosiq also had the fortune of sitting down with Josephine and Anthony prior to the set and you can read our fun little chat with the endearing duo, here. Though the two are traveling the snowy East Coast roads on their massive tour bus (which is apparently quite small when everyone’s assembled), Oh Wonder has taken the time to release a music video for Lose It.  I’d say that Lose It is one of my favorite songs off the OW album, except that would be a lie. Every song off that album is a favorite song. Lose It is one of the uptempo, jazzy groovers from the album, replete with horns and keys. Its new video looks like it was a hoot to create, as dancers are urged to “lose it” during faked auditions. If you still haven’t purchased a copy of Oh Wonder’s debut album, do yourself a favor, head over to iTunes.

January 20, 2016

OH WONDER Interview @ Popscene SF 01.15.16

*interviewed by Nick and Amy

I Heart Moosiq had the pleasure of sitting down with Oh Wonder’s Anthony and Josephine prior to their second headlining show of the night for Popscene at the Rickshaw Stop in San Francisco. Oh Wonder previously sold out the late show in less than two minutes and had added an early one the same evening which also sold out within minutes too. It was their highly anticipated, long awaited debut in San Francisco. 

IHM: You guys are in California. Have you guys tried In-N-Out yet?

BOTH: Yessss.

ANTHONY: Literally as soon as we landed. We left all our luggage behind and just went straight for it.

IHM: You guys landed at LAX?

BOTH: Yes.

IHM: Yeah, there’s literally one right there. Do you have a favorite item on the menu?

ANTHONY: Anything with animal-style on it.

IHM: So you guys do know about animal-style.

JOSEPHINE: Yes, I like the milkshakes. Really good.

IHM: I actually had that for lunch today, haha. So a lot of people in the States probably ask you about your European accents. Have you guys been working on an American accent?

JOSEPHINE: Oh God, don’t, it’s so bad. I can’t.

ANTHONY: Speak for yourself. I’ve been trying.

JOSEPHINE: Oh, go on.

ANTHONY: What do I say? What are some things that Americans are like, known for?

IHM: Well, unfortunately we’re known for our guns.

ANTHONY: Well, our bus driver is from the deep south. Today he parked the van in a tight spot. (Southern accent) Looks like I’m fucking done here. Ima go get a joint.

JOSEPHINE: Hehehehehe.

ANTHONY: That’s about all I could say. Yeah, it’s pretty bad.

IHM: So, in an email exchange you had last April with Amy (IHM), I don’t know which one of you guys responded, but you spoke about possibly wanting to move here to San Francisco?

JOSEPHINE: That was me. I came here a year ago on holiday, absolutely fell in love with it. It’s one of the cities I can genuinely see myself living in. It’s really livable. It’s beautiful, the food’s good.

IHM: It’s pretty diverse too.

JOSEPHINE: It’s super diverse, which is kind of like London. Which is why I love London, it’s so cosmopolitan, it’s like a world in a city. It’s lovely. San Fran’s a bit like that.

IHM: And I believe you spoke about berry pancakes from MAMA’s. Have you gone back yet?

JOSEPHINE: OH MY GOSH, no, I keep trying – mate, you need to go. Yea, I’m trying to persuade everyone. Those berry pancakes, with like, vanilla bean cream, oh my God… You’ve been to MAMA’s right?

IHM: No, I actually haven’t. They always have long lines.

JOSEPHINE: I said this in the show actually. In the early show. I was like, ‘‘Okay San Fran, I went to MAMA’s. Who’s been?’’ And there’s like one dude in the back that goes ‘‘YEAHHH!’’ And Ant’s like, ‘‘You’re such a tourist’’ and I’m like ‘‘no, it’s a local hangout.’’

IHM: Cool, we gotta check out MAMA’s. So, you guys started off as solo projects, Ant West and LAYLA, are you guys ever going to go back to those projects?

ANTHONY: At one point, yeah. When we’re kind of between touring and making records with Oh Wonder. We’ll get back to it and be creative separately.

JOSEPHINE: Yeah, and writing songs on our own is a totally different process than from Oh Wonder. When we write on our own it’s very cathartic. We both write from our souls and hearts. Not that we don’t with Oh Wonder, but because you share it with someone, it’s way less personal. All the songs we’ve written for Oh Wonder are about other people. So it’s a totally different writing process.

IHM: I really liked how each song had their own little story behind them.

JOSEPHINE: That was the intention.

IHM: Awesome. And you guys met about 7 years ago. (Anthony) saw (Josephine) at her show and (Anthony) became the light person.

ANTHONY: Did you hear that Ben (their tour manager)? He’s our lighting guy here. I did the lights at Josie’s first gig.

BEN: Oh, you did?

ANTHONY: She played in Wickham and I did the lights.

IHM: So Josephine, you’re performing and all of a sudden the lights were just flickering. Were you just wondering what’s going on with the place?

JOSEPHINE: Yeah! I was like ‘‘Who the hell is touching the lights?’’ And Anthony was like ‘Yeah, I am!’’ and I said ‘‘Cheers, dude!’’ and that’s how we met, and we just said hi after the show. Then we didn’t see each other for like a year.


IHM: And when you guys started, you called yourselves Wonder Wonder. What inspired the name change?

JOSEPHINE: It wasn’t so much inspiration. It was kind of a demand from overseas. We got this cease and desist letter trying to sue us for a quarter of a million dollars unless we change our name.

IHM: Was that Wunder Wunder? I remember posting your debut song, ‘Body Gold’ and had mentioned not to confuse you with them.

JOSEPHINE: Yes, it was them. And we never heard of them until you posted. And they were basically saying that we were riding off the back of all their success and that we were trying to steal their name.

ANTHONY: In hindsight, it was amazing because we ended up changing our name to Oh Wonder. So it worked out.

IHM: What’s the transition like from releasing one song a month to all of a sudden touring?

ANTHONY: Two extremes.

JOSEPHINE: Mental. The release part, we had all the time in the world.

ANTHONY: We’re at home. Relaxing. Making music.

JOSEPHINE: We were just in the studio for a year hanging out by ourselves and our instruments and that was so nourishing.

ANTHONY: You don’t normally get to do that in a band. You’d make a record, and then you’d tour it, and then make another one. But with that, we just set a whole year to do our own thing. And now it’s total opposite. On the road every day, literally every day, for the next year. There’s no routine. There’s no home. There’s no seeing your friends. But, we get to be on stage every night.

JOSEPHINE: Before it was like a whole day. We’d start work at 10am and finish at 1am. The day would swim by. We’d been in the studio for 14 hours losing our minds but having the best time. You start the day with a blank canvas and you end the day with a song, and that’s so rewarding, like ‘‘I’ve made something today”. Where as tour, is literally the anticipation of 23 hours to perform in that one hour, so you’re waiting for something to happen, and you can’t make anything happen. So, it’s two totally different realms. You can’t really compare them, but we’re enjoying both.

IHM: At least you guys have a nice tour bus.

ANTHONY: Yeah, it’s pretty massive.

JOSEPHINE: Except when we have ten of us, then it actually feels really small.

IHM: You guys are on a few festival line ups, but I wanted to ask in particular about Firefly Festival. You guys are performing on Thursday, and one of your common music idols Death Cab For Cutie is performing on Saturday. Are you guys gonna try and stay to watch them?

JOSEPHINE: Well we have a lot of festivals scheduled.

IHM: You know, I was kind of sad not to see you guys on Coachella’s line up.

JOSEPHINE: We were, but it clashed with something that we had, so we’re gonna try to do it next year.

ANTHONY: Those decisions are really hard. We wanted to play Coachella but I believe we have a UK Tour.

JOSEPHINE: We’re really hyped for Firefly though, and hopefully we’ll be able to see Death Cab For Cutie. So they’re playing on a Saturday you said, and we’re playing on a Thursday, yeah? You know more than us. Hehe.

IHM: I mean, I like my festivals. Once schedules start to come out I like to see how to navigate the time conflicts.

ANTHONY: Oh, you’re going to Firefly?

IHM: That lineup? Yeah! I just need to book my flight!

JOSEPHINE: Awesome. Have you been before?

IHM: No, I tried going last year but it didn’t work out. I went to Lollapalooza though, and it’s definitely up there as one of the best festivals. So I want to go there again, especially since they’re celebrating their 25th anniversary by extending it to a four day fest.

ANTHONY: Wow, that’s amazing.

IHM: Yeah! Hopefully you guys can add that to your festival tour and celebrate the 25th anniversary. Back to Firefly though, it’s in the middle of June and that’s around the time of Glastonbury. Is that the ultimate festival goal for you guys?

ANTHONY: Kind of is.


IHM: It is basically the biggest festival.

JOSEPHINE: It is. It’s really weird, but I’ve never been.

ANTHONY: I’ve never been.

JOSEPHINE: And it’s silly because all of my friends go.

IHM: Isn’t it about 3-4 hours away from you guys?

ANTHONY: It’s so close.

JOSEPHINE: Oh my gosh, yes. Like everybody I know has been. And I’ve always said ever since I was 15 that I wouldn’t go until I was playing it.

ANTHONY: That’s exactly what I said. Someone gave me a Glastonbury ticket and said I could have it for free. And I said no.

IHM: Wow.

JOSEPHINE: The first time I go is when I play there.

ANTHONY: Whenever I go to festivals, I kind of always end up regretting going because I’m always like, aww, kinda wish I was playing.

JOSEPHINE: Really, you get jealous? Haha.

ANTHONY: Haha, yeah, but hopefully this year we get to do a lot and maybe some time, Glastonbury.

IHM: I remember seeing awhile ago that you guys said something about not doing anymore interviews? Or, you were only going to be conducting your own fan interviews?

JOSEPHINE: We don’t want to stop doing interviews. It was just we do so many interviews now.

IHM: It gets repetitive?

JOSEPHINE: I guess. We enjoy doing them, it’s great. But also, it’s important not to just focus on ourselves. We are no more interesting than anybody else. The things we have to say, we say in our music. Anything extra I don’t find particularly interesting about myself and there’s so many amazing people in the world, who we’re fortunate enough to meet when they come out to our shows and stuff. It’s so important to give them a voice, and for them to say things if they’ve got stuff to say… It’s awesome that we share the microphone, I guess.

IHM: Do you guys do a fan interview at every show?

ANTHONY: We try to.

JOSEPHINE: Australia we didn’t manage to.

IHM: How do you pick a fan to interview?

JOSEPHINE: Generally whoever we see. We use to meet everybody after the shows but now it gets a bit crazy to do that. So it’s more if we bump into a fan and we get to chat with them, and they’re really cool.

IHM: I have a recommendation for the show tonight. The Concert Raptor.

ANTHONY: Is he here?!

IHM: Yeah! It was actually his birthday…

ANTHONY: Yesterday.

IHM: I believe a few days ago.

JOSEPHINE: We actually gave him 20 tickets tonight to give away.

IHM: He’s always on Facebook trying to give out tickets to shows.

ANTHONY: He’s such a good dude.

JOSEPHINE: Definitely. I told him to come by after the show today.

IHM: Yeah, he’s here tonight. Okay, final question. What is your favorite David Bowie song?

JOSEPHINE: Mine is ‘Starman’. It’s the first song of his I ever heard. It was really weird. When we found out the news, we were flying into LA. I just finished watching ‘The Martian’ with Matt Damon. ‘Starman’ plays in that! It’s crazy. We landed and someone said David Bowie had just died. I had just listened to him.

IHM: That is weird. Is there anything else you want to add?

JOSEPHINE: We just want to say thank you for your support. You were one of the blogs that was there from the get go. That gave us so much encouragement. Seriously. That was so affirming from the get go to have people actively engaged in what we were doing.

IHM: That process of releasing a song every month keeps people engaged.

ANTHONY: Yeah, so we found out.

IHM: Every month I’d be looking forward to the new Oh Wonder song.

JOSEPHINE: I really miss it.

IHM: We miss it, too. Thank you for that. It was like a soundtrack for a year. And then the album came out, and we’re still listening to it.

JOSEPHINE: At the end of 2015, so many people emailed us thanking us for soundtracking their year. And it’s so weird, because I have so many albums I love and listen to that remind me of a time, and it just made me realize that our album will remind people of 2015, whatever they were doing, and it’s so cool. It’s amazing.


Make sure you catch Oh Wonder on Conan O’Brien tonight (January 20th, 2016)! For more information about the rest of Oh Wonder’s tour, visit here.

Oh Wonder: Facebook / Soundcloud / Twitter