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September 15, 2016

Up till today, I had no idea that street artist and illustrator Shepard Fairey, well known for founding the OBEY clothing line, also had a musical project going on amongst his many enterprises. And then I encountered the brand new music for Nøise’s Little Lions. The song thoroughly transfixed me with its serrated edged, torrid churning alt pop. Little Lions is gritty and playfully seductive. Its sharp claws are bared with much enticing coyness. Joining Shepard Fairey in 

Nøise is Joe Cassidy, John Goff, and Merritt Lear. The quartet will be releasing a debut EP on Obey Records with Little Lions as its title track. The EP will also house a song named Automatic alongside a myriad of remixes by a jaw dropping list of talent, including Phil Hartnoll, Moby, Tim Armstrong, Z Trip, Nico and Touch, SSI, John Goff, and The Crystal Method. For more information, visit here.

March 18, 2016

David Harks ‘Obey’, inspired by the likes of The Knife and The 2 Bears, is a delicious tune. I love how bubbly and light it is, it’s like fizzling champagne tickling your person’s nose. This track has a glossy coproduction from Miguel of Royal Dust. I asked about the artwork since an inspiration is The 2 Bears, but the fact that it looks like a bear on acid is completely unintentional. Anyways, David remarks “Obey your calling in life, follow your heart and listen to your dreams”