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March 28, 2018

Those that have never been to SXSW probably think five days is plenty of time to see all that you want to see, but between the endless showcases occurring at any given moment and the long list of music friends to meet up, catching everyone becomes an impossible feat. As such, I’m sad to say that I had to miss out on seeing NVDES again despite my undying love for the Josh Ocean project’s quirky and playful electronica/pop. Those that follow IHM closely know how much love we’ve lavished on the project, and how happy we are that NVDES has received a fresh spate of attention due to their music being used, not once, but twice in Apple television ads lately. I’m sure the melon-loving project from Los Angeles dazzled fans old and new alike in Austin, just as they did in San Francisco last year. They’ve hit the ground running upon returning from Texas, too, and unleashed not one, but two new genre bending tunes. Stream jaunty stepping, R&B leaning electro suitor Louì above, then dangle your feet in the warm rippling, sunshine-dappled waves of islandy alt electro jam Jump The Gunman below, which is a message of solidarity from NVDES and past collaborator Remmi to the March For Our Lives movement. . You never know quite what NVDES will bring us in their next release, but we always know that it’s going to be a fresh and imaginative, scintillating and satisfying delicacy. 

January 6, 2018

MOOSIQ MOSAIC : 01.04.2018 – 01.05.2018

Featured Music – January 4 – 5, 2018
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January 4, 2018

I’m one of those people who hates sitting through television commercials. I tend to switch the channel, or pop over to something on my DVR just to avoid sitting there staring at advertisements while minutes tick off the clock. But lately, it’s been a joy catching all the new Apple ads on TV, which I tend to see a lot of when I’m watching my Golden States Warriors games. I’ll never get enough of hearing SOFI TUKKER’s Best Friend and NVDES’ Turning Heads over and over again on TV. Which brings us to our next share, a fresh new video from visionary LA project NVDES, who never disappoint us with their quirky visuals and standout music. The Josh Ocean (Ghost Beach) lead collective’s latest peculiar and playful video is an accompaniment to WALLS, a heady, muggy stroller of a beatific gem off NVDES’ latest EP, Vol. 2. NVDES is currently in the midst of a national co-headlining tour with Pierce Fulton, and I can say from personal experience that they’re a joy to see live, so I highly suggest you make it out to a show. The energy is jaw dropping. Even a more laid back tune like WALLS is going to be a ridiculously enthralling affair.  NVDES’ Vol.2 EP is available, here.

December 13, 2017

Los Angeles based melon loving creative collective NVDES, lead by Ghost Beach’s Josh Ocean, has left us deliriously blissed with their energy-packed ground breaking music since they first appeared on the scene over 2 years ago. We NVDES fans have much to celebrate this month. Not only have they released their second EP, VOL. 2, but their wonderfully addicting song Turning Heads has been featured in Apple’s latest iPhone X commercial. It’s been very sweet turning on the television to hear so often NVDES lately. The collective has also released a music video for Everyday, one of six songs off their new EP. Groove out with the characters in the video to this more laid back NVDES cut, a soulful grooving, disco imbued alt dance track. Stream VOL.2 in full on Soundcloud, here. Support by purchasing/streaming via other major outlets, here.

November 14, 2017

Melon loving, Josh Ocean lead Los Angeles avant-garde project NVDES seems to march to the beat of their own drum. Their ear perking music is always fresh and unique. They truly “do their thing” when it comes to their psychedelic groove and alt dance music, plus they throw a heckuva show live, too, as I myself experienced recently at the Independent in San Francisco. Come December 8th, NVDES will be releasing their La NVDITÉ, Vol. 2 EP, a six-track collection, and it includes this jungle lush groover, D.Y.T. (Do Your Thing), featuring Nashville’s REMMI on piquant vocals. It’s impossible to keep from moving to this playful bouncing, spicy bumping tune, which sort of comes off like a cross between JAIN and SOFI TUKKER, with a buoyant Jersey bounce. Purchase/stream D.Y.T. (Do Your Thing), here, as we wait for NVDES next EP.   

August 14, 2017

Even though I had just caught a very fine performance by RAC at Outside Lands Music Festival over the weekend, I was still kind of bummed out that San Francisco didn’t seem to be on his tour schedule this summer/fall. My spirits soared earlier today when RAC announced the addition of a tour stop at the Independent in September earlier today. And to add sweet icing on the cake, one of our favorite alt/indie projects of the year is joining up for the soiree! Los Angeles based, melon loving NVDES, who’ve given us such so many quirky genre bending delights since Josh Ocean (of Ghost Beach) launched the affair, will be hitting the road alongside RAC and his touring band. NVDES, who just released their new EP,

La NVDITÉ, Vol. 1, on

Maison Nvdité/Kobalt Music Recordings, also shared a fresh new trip of a video for their song Dancer From New York, directed by Jenna Josepher & Giulia Marsico. Dancer From New York is as infectious a synthy alt pop cut as they come, with a bit of a Peter Bjorn and John meets Foster The People jaunty lilt but more squishy psychedelic & whimsically electrifying. Ocean comments, “Dancer From New York was inspired by a crazy night my collaborator Sean Van Vleet had after eating at White Castle in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. I moved to NYC in 2005 to pursue music. The electricity of the local indie-rock scene during that time was extremely formative for me. A lot of my music is influenced by what I was listening to and experiencing at that time. This song is my homage to that time and those influences.” You can listen to NVDES’ new EP on Spotify, here. Find out more about NVDES’ tour dates with RAC, here.

July 26, 2017

MOOSIQ MOSAIC : 07.21.2017 – 07.24.2017 

Feature Selections – July 21-24, 2017
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July 21, 2017

It’s been a dark day, but my spirits were lifted tenfold when I encountered not one new NVDES song, but two new NVDES songs. The Los Angeles based collective has been a favorite of ours this past year, consistently serving up uniquely scintillating, quirky electrifying cocktails made out of psychedelic pop and tropical dance rock. At the helm of their cutting-edge music is Josh Ocean of Ghost Beach, who’s promised a new EP brimming with frenetic guitars and punk energy. La NVDITÉ, Vol 1. will be arriving on August 11th via Maison Nvdité / Kobalt Music Recordings. Do You Think About Me and Do Ya are our first tastes of that release. On Do You Think About Me, NVDES surprises us with a chill tropical groove. The guitar simmering, smoky shuffling tune is as mellow as we’ve ever heard NVDES, a smooth melting, deep longing alt electronic ballad with a very peculiar lyric video. It’s accompaniment today, Do Ya, is a continuation of both its musings and melody, but injected with muggy energy and rubbery shearing, wonky experimental effects. The songs are a fascinating and much swooning one two punch reminding me of art pieces that come in two pieces to form one big picture. Do You Think About Me and Do Ya are a diptych. About the track/s, Ocean comments, “This song is about the modern saga of exploring love on the internet. We wrote it shortly after I started a long distance relationship with someone in Paris via Facebook messenger. It’s about the constant wondering “is this real?” and the melancholy that comes along with that.“ The songs are out now via major retailers, here.

June 16, 2017

It was a crazy but sweet moment of epiphany when I suddenly came to the realization that NVDES, whom we’ve been championing since the project’s debut nearly a year ago, is actually the brainchild of Josh Ocean of Ghost Beach, granted they went the whole mysterious anonymous route early on. For the longest time, all we knew was that this Los Angeles based outfit had a penchant for cantaloupes and that they made the most brilliantly quirky psych pop and dance rock hybrids. The band is gearing up for their next EP, and they’re here to move our feet with Turning Heads, a dance punk banger that is sure to continue turning new heads to NVDES. Nothing rings truer than whey they sing “nothing can stop us now”. Turning Heads is a summer carousel ride must, and we can’t wait for more of the same from NVDES on their forthcoming new EP. Watch a visualizer for the track below, which features a swiveling head, just the sort of off the wall imagery that matches NVDES’ music. Grab the jam on iTunes, here.

May 29, 2017

With a brisk vivacity and an abundance of indie house charm comes Better Places. The airy pumping, summer exuberant treat is sure to take you to better places, even if your day is as overcast as my Monday has been here in the Bay. Better Places comes from Vermont producer and master song crafter Pierce Fulton. He’s joined by California’s cantaloupe loving musician NVDES on the light hearted escapade. Better Places will break you out into beaming smiles with its rosy hooks and jovial whistles. Grab the uplifting jam, here.