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November 21, 2017

Novocaine is a well known anesthetic. I suppose it’s fitting that Crater’s new song is named Novocaine, considering the fact that the song is all icy pulsing bliss and literally zero discomfort or pain. The Seattle based electronic pop duo plan on returning with their sophomore album ‘Unearth’ on January 12th, and they’ve truly unearthed a spectacular new dark gothy, glacial thrumming gem to ignite our excitement for the release. The song fluctuates between dusky industrial, shifty brooding electronica and crisp ethereal, beautifully fantastical enchantment. You can also stream Novocaine off of Spotify, here.

April 15, 2017

Novocaine is supposed to numb you out, which is why it’s used as an anesthetic. But I feel more than lively as we transition into a fine Friday evening, thanks to this dashing new tune from Norway’s Lovespeake. Novocaine is a lavish and resplendent funk pop dazzler featuring Austin crooner Max Frost, no stranger to lavish captivating funk pop himself. I can’t help but reach for the sky when I hear “touch the sky” on this glamorous disco twirler. I “float on by” as Novocaine’s fleecy falsettos caress my ears. This is pure euphoria, sweet candy for the ears. The single is out today via Toothfairy.