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May 11, 2018

If it’s thrills, chills, and a reason to get up and reach for the sky that you seek, then we suggest you dive head first into this fresh edit from HtPkt. The New York based producer has given Swedish duo NOTD’s collaboration with breathy chanteuse Bea Miller, I Wanna Know, an exhilarating remix bursting with feels. Our hearts nearly erupt out of our chests and our feet lift far off the ground as Bea Miller’s high flying vocals and HtPkt’s house progressions fire us clear across the universe. The remix is a free download, here, courtesy of Dancing Pineapple.

May 25, 2017

Anyone who’s a true electronic music head knows that what some call EDM (and what some others might find egregious to call EDM) can be as emotionally heartrending as it is dance inducing. Enter breathtaking Oceans Away, a stunning original from Severo (one half of Swedish project NOTD) and truly elusive Ellusive. This chill mellifluous future bass and chill trap aria is jam packed with molten feels. Washington, D.C.’s Loé turns in wistfully stirring vocals on the beautiful anthem, whose epic swells of cosmic shimmers fall into sheer, cathartic drops. Oceans Away instills in us a deep longing, one that seems to defy space and time, as if we had a star crossed lover to find. You can stream or purchase Oceans Away via additional outlets, here.

March 28, 2017

To much jubilant elation last month, Phoebe Ryan made her ever breathy and sweetly enchanting return with Dark Side, an irresistible pop and electronica anthem that quickly reminded us why we’ve been fans of this Los Angeles starlet from the very beginning. A remix package for the song has now arrived, from which comes this deep melodic remix by Swedish duo NOTD. Any darkness to be found is totally annihilated by NOTD’s summer ready, luminous bounding remix. Phoebe Ryan’s Dark Side remix pack is available now on iTunes. You can also stream NOTD’s remix via Soundcloud below.

January 12, 2017

We’re at that point in the week where we’ve almost made it to Friday, but we’re not quite there just yet. For that extra gas we need to make it to the weekend, it’s time to hop on to one of the countless remixes of Ed Sheeran that have been floating around all week. Except, this one’s a must. It’s a can’t miss pick me up that rides high on Ed Sheeran’s dulcet Shape Of You. Sweden’s NOTD (pronounced “noted”) gives the hit single an electrifying dance makeover that takes sweet swooning Ed into future bass and chill trap territory. Sawing synths and intrepid beats suffuse us with potent energy. It’s no wonder NOTD’s remix is the most popular one to have come out of the week’s dense forest of Ed Sheeran re-works. The remix is a free download too, here.