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February 20, 2018

Last summer, Romanian producer Boehm put forth a summer buoyant dance dazzler named Outside The Lines, featuring Laurell on guest vocals. Though it’s now winter, we’re ready for a nice effusion of warmth as German production project Not Your Dope gives the track a fresh update by giving it a robust and ebullient remix that highlights its balmy heat and tropical lushness. The deep pumping, electro prancing edit is part of an official remix pack for the original that also features remixes by rrotik and a VIP by Boehm himself. We’re on the cusp of a deep freeze tonight that will make tomorrow one of the coldest days of the year. This seems the perfect time to drop on Not Your Dope’s broiling remix. Stream/purchase the full remix pack, here.

May 17, 2016

My brain is slowly turning into zombie mush after a very long day and night, but it finds new life, if only for a few minutes, from this gorgeous remix of The Chainsmokers’ Inside Out, featuring Charlee, by a fabulous partnership between Germany’s Not Your Dope and American production act Spirix. Atmospheric, melodic trap Inside Out is a heart swelling affair. It’s full of verve, the exact sort of refreshing elixir I need right about now. And it’s a free download too. Just head over here.

March 8, 2016

If you were paying close attention this past month, then you’re probably already in love with Swedish trio Ember Island’s recent original, Need You. Romanian producer Jakoban and his good friend, Germany’s NOT YOUR DOPE, link up to deliver us a potent and powerful remix of Need You, turning it into a majestic, vibrating wall of melodic trap and future bass. The mighty remix feels like a beautiful deep ocean whorling with passionate emotion, each stutter and each shimmer a burst of fire through my veins. Download Jakoban and NOT YOUR DOPE’s remix for free, here.

December 16, 2015

Swiss producer Taptone teams up with German producer Not Your Dope to offer up a very dope remix of Nashville artist REMMI’s poignant brooder Star Spangled. IHM is much honored to have premiered the music video for the original, and now I’m elated to share this simmering future trap remix of  the stirring beauty. Taptone and Not Your Dope’s slicing, chopping synths and ensnaring 808s are right up my trap worshiping alley. REMMI’s impassioned, husky vocals bewitch me all over again on the dramatic and dark remix. Free download, here.