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December 12, 2017

STITCH is a new band out of London who are stitching together some superb alt pop in the month or so since they’ve segued from offering remixes to originals. The trio of friends, who originally met at university, transfixes us with their second single, Not One To Say, a grand cinematic, atmospheric riveting anthem whose dark gothic introduction builds into a brass-backed, drum & bass inflected sprawling soundscape. It’s the follow up to their gorgeously billowing debut, Fool, which can be streamed, here

STITCH says of their new single: “Not One To Say is a nostalgic self-reflection of the past. It deals with feeling lost, spaced out in a dream-like state, and trying to comprehend loss and your part to play in it. The song highlights how the repression of words and emotions, internalising rather than expressing your feelings to others can lead to a different, perhaps less clear path than you expected. It looks back with both a warm embrace of the good times, but also a wistful sense of longing for who you were before life began to change.” STITCH has already recorded a debut EP, which we’re looking forward to hearing. They’ve already successfully transferred their sound to the stage, too, having performed to packed crowds back home in the UK.