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November 13, 2017

Though a relatively young band, Calva Louise is fast on their way to being movers and shakers in the indie rock scene back home in London. They dole out an arresting load of quirky lilting, punk inflected indie rock on new single Getting Closer, quickly convincing me I need to get closer to this band and their delightful brand of scuzzy melodic sound.  Of the track, the band said: “Getting Closer is about the identity crisis that young adults go through in their early twenties, when they feel their time is up and they have to decide if they’ll be able to one day become the person they’ve always dreamed of being.” Catch Calva Louise in London during their residency in partnership with This Feeling. For another fine taste of this burgeoning band’s music, stream spiked chugging, fuzz crunching noise rocker I’m Gonna Do Well below. 

June 12, 2017

It was a real treat to hear Ellie Roswell of Wolf Alice on Alt-J’s new album RELAXER. Her voice graces one of my favorite tracks this year, 3WW. But there’s really nothing like a brand new track from the alt rock quartet from London, whom we’ve been championing for more than four years long, since the days of Every Cloud and White Leather. Yuk Foo arrives by lyric video, and a glowering, menacing one at that which totally matches the song’s restless bristling, ferocious seething rock. The song, the band’s hardest yet, arrives alongside news of Wolf Alice’s sophomore album. Visions Of A Life will hit the shelves on September 29th via Dirty Hit, and I expect it to be a fine follow up to acclaimed debut LP, My Love Is Cool, one of my top albums of 2015. Rebellious snarling Yuk Foo is out now on iTunes, here. Between this and the new DFA I just shared, I’m ready to aggressively jump all over my office room with my head swinging violently in every direction possible. 

October 20, 2016

Whenever a new NVDES tune crops up, I prepare myself for a chromatic jolting, whimsically titillating joyride. The Los Angeles based sonic visionary never fails to entertain and enrapture with his gritty dance punk and experimental funk pop. 8am, a new taste from NVDES’ debut EP, Life With Lobsters, is imbued with far more frenetic energy than I normally harbor at such a time of day. The wild and bombastic song spins and chirps, skids and punches, an untamed conflagration whose constitution consists of a medley of genres, including but not limited to R&B, pop, acid house, and hip hop. It’s like a turbulent mixture of Death From Above 1979, LCD Soundsystem, and Azealia Banks, as odd as that combination might sound. 8am darts about rambunctiously, inflated on helium and coursing with adrenaline. NVDES’ debut EP will be out November 18th on B3SCI. Pre-order. here.

July 18, 2015

San Diego surf punkers Wavves roar back on to the scene with raunchy, boisterous Too Much. The scuzzily rocking pop punk gem is infinitely catchy, a welcome return and magnificently frenzied taste off the quartet’s next full length album. Seems it’s going to be a busy rest of the year for Wavves, considering they’re also collaborating with Cloud Nothings on an album.

March 26, 2015

Nick Drake is a bewitching and spectacular debut single from yet another new artist from Sweden, a spunky act named MIYNT. The song is a sultry, fiery, and stormy listen. Finely layered and drenched in a swirly, noisy ambiance, it gives off a thoroughly intoxicating sound that borders on frenetically dizzying. MIYNT’s debut envelopes from all sides in a drunken, sludgy haze of sensual, punk-y Karen O blended with trip hop Phantogram and Crystal Castles’ grimy electropop.