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October 24, 2017

Canadian artist TABOR, who’s based out of Los Angeles, already has a robust following on YouTube from the past several years. Her new music delves into topics like depression, anxiety, and insecurity, with a palpable sense of vulnerability. ‘Her’ is one of her latest alt pop singles, and it’s a whiskey-drenched, husky simmering beauty that evokes Lana Del Rey’s sadcore music. The mesmerizing ballad is a dark lament, a bewitching and magnetic noire-pop gem. And it comes accompanied by a music video you can view below. You can listen to more of her music and indulge in that fabulous voice more on Soundcloud, here. ‘Her’, which is lifte from TABOR’s sophomore EP In The Garden, can also be streamed via Spotify, here.

September 9, 2017

We love Flora Cash, and we truly believe this pair of noire folk pop artists from Stockholm are criminally underrated, especially after they released as beautifully haunting a debut album as Nothing Lasts Forever (And It’s Fine). We were lucky enough to see them live at Popscene earlier this year, and their music is just as captivating from the stage. We’re thrilled that Flora Cash has returned today with a gorgeous new video and song named Roses On Your Dress. Its wistful melancholy and sadcore allure brims with smoky magnetism and willowy charm. Roses On Your Dress drifts languorously and tenderly, enveloping us in a world both vintage and classic, cinematic and poignant. We once compaerd Flora Cash to a cross between Lana Del Rey and Lykke Li. We stand behind that analogy, one hundred percent. Roses On Your Dress is anguish and heartbreak, etched out with grace and elegance. If you missed the duo’s debut album, make sure to snag it, here.

April 20, 2017

Ottilia Zimmerman Kjulsten caught our attention late last year when she released her song Drug Money under her project Avante Black. The London by way of Sweden talent is back with a more than ravishing song. Make A Mess leaves me a hot mess with its darkwavey synth and alt pop. Hints of the Chromatics’ italo disco endows the sensual burning groove on this noir delight, leaving me eager for more music from Avante Black, who promises a debut album early next year. Re-visit Avante Black’s prior two singles on Soundcloud, here.

February 9, 2017

Snow Culture could very well be a favorite new band of the week, if not of the month, too. The duo arrive out of Sweden to lead us into a dark bewitching world crafted out of icy synths, jouncing beats, and scorching guitar on debut single No Sleep. There’s a cinematic quality to this sultry burning electronic pop song. We visit the belly of a sordid club on a sleepless night as strobes flash about and faceless people writhe around us on a begrimed dance floor. Our perspective seems skewed through the lens of a VHS camcorder. No Sleep is deliciously menacing and carnally seductive, a fierce and primal mix of Scandipop with 80′s noire electronica. Snow Culture just signed to one of our favorite labels, Neon Gold, and they have a riveting music video to go along with their debut, too. Watch the visual accompaniment below. 

November 18, 2016

Saro’s music continues to pulverize my heart with poignant sorrow and intricately spun soundscapes on Looking, a new single from the Los Angeles based artist’s forthcoming debut EP, In Loving Memory. Looking is a melancholic ode to a past lover. It’s combination of R&B imbued noir pop and rich swelling electronic pop is reminiscent of Mikky Ekko meets Lo-Fang, melting dulcet and orchestral lush.In Loving Memory will be arriving on December 2nd, a date that feels like an eternity from now after having fallen hard for Saro’s music. Re-visit his prior singles on Soundcloud.

November 26, 2015

A delightful surprise was in store for me when I happened to visit Chløë Black’s Facebook profile earlier this morning, after having had the immense honor of premiering the video for her stirring cover of Françoise Hardy’s Le Temps de L’Amour just the other day. Turns out, the husky voiced talent’s latest single, Wild At Heart, has received a luscious remix treatment by none other than magnificent German producer Roosevelt. Roosevelt transforms Wild At Heart into a crisply bouncing dark disco anthem. It sleekly grooves with a soulful panache, drawing irresistible tingles of opulent wild rapture.