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March 24, 2018

Sultry brooding Goliath packs a whole lot of smoldering fire. If you missed the defiant track last month, now’s your chance to take in its blazing noire pop via the music video that Roxiny just released for her song. The Dominican-American artist, who’s based out of NYC, is more than entrancing and a force to behold on the track. The full breadth of her vocal range is on display, alongside Goliath’s roiling guitars and heady lyrics. A dark disco groove accompanies the glorious ballad. Roxiny’s Goliath delivers a resplendent sound akin to Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Bloodboy, with a heavier synth vibe that reminds me of MGMT’s Little Dark Age. Goliath will be on her forthcoming debut EP Rituals, out April 20th via Revoluna. The music video, which Roxiny co-directed with her longtime beau Shan Nicholson, is also wonderfully mesmeric, in a dark and edgy way. You can grab the single from iTunes, here.

March 21, 2018

The moment I heard Glory Me, I fell hard for FRANKIIE, an all female four piece from Vancouver, Canada. The song kicks off with a smoky curling step that reminded me of Feist before it opens up into a rambunctiously chugging dream rock escapade. Glory Me comes off the band’s debut full length arriving later this year. The indie outfit released an EP and toured a bit in 2015 before focusing on their own individual projects, but it didn’t take too long before their members reconvened with renewed excitement. FRANKIIE’s full length will move away from their earlier folk tendencies and into a more experimental alt-rock vibe, as heard on sultry simmering, noire burning Glory Me, which contemplates life and death, like many of the other tracks on that forthcoming album. Watch the music video for Glory Me below. Glory Me can also be streamed via alternate platforms, here.

January 26, 2018

A torrid and slinky, electrifying and sultry energy is more than apparent on Austrian duo Leyya’s latest single, Heat. It trots with a chic groove and a whole lot of confidence, and it’s now accompanied by a fresh video directed by Marie-Therese Hildenbrandt, who wanted to capture that very energy and transfer it using the concept of a girl gang. The clip is crafted as a critical and humorous view on female emancipation and the suspense-packed times we live in. The video hits the bulls eye considering our current state of affairs, plus its indie/alt pop soundtrack is more than superb. Heat is lifted from Leyya’s new album Sauna, out tomorrow, January 26th, via Las Vegas Records / + 1 Records. 

January 16, 2018

A wild elation overtook us last month when Black Gold Buffalo made an unexpected return after years of profuse silence. The London based band drenched us with post punky, inky dark art rock on new song Pearls Deep, and we couldn’t be happier with the surprise re-entrance. Black Gold Buffalo aren’t about to “lay it back down” after the superb release, either. They’ve followed Pearls Deep up with another absolutely terrific tune, named Lay It Down. The sultry brooding, smoky thrumming jam features gnarled guitars and an abundance of fierce fiery fortitude. Black Gold Buffalo again reminds me of some of my other favorite female fronted art rock bands, like Pumarosa and Savages, with some of the rhythmically electrifying energy of dance rock, if not a touch of dark disco, too. Make sure you check out deliciously decadent Pearls Deep below, if you missed it previously. We can’t wait to hear where Black Gold Buffalo takes us next. 

January 9, 2018

LUME, the spellbinding newcomer from the UK who mesmerized us with her dark pulsing, synth whirring debut Magnets just a few months prior, is back with yet another bewitching noire-pop single. It’s called Tip Of Your Thumb, and it’s a moody tingling, ominous winding sophomore track that solidifies LUME’s status as a pop artist to watch. On it, she highlights themes of getting sucked into other people’s issues and drama, as related to internet trolls and gossiping. Fierce brooding Tip Of Your Thumb, which LUME wrote and produced in her bedroom studio, is a scintillating taste and the title track from her forthcoming debut EP.  “I wanted the song to feel like it was playful, whilst relaying a deeper message,” explains LUME, who built the song around bluesy chain-gang verses. She continues, “it’s about the culture of typing our thoughts and fighting social media wars with smart phones, where our thumb takes over to replace our voice.” LUME’s four track debut EP will be arriving in March. You can re-visit debut single Magnets below, or stream her music via Spotify, here.

December 23, 2017

We tend to be drawn to Smoke Season and their sultry burning brand of noire-pop. Wolves is no different, a sexy simmering slice of ruddy impassioned, dark bewitching pop that brings in plenty of indie electro elements and a whole lot of rock flair, too. The Los Angeles duo recently shared a music video for the single, which showcases vintage fashion revamped and stylized by lead singer Gabrielle Wortman. The video also features guest appearances by Luna Lovebad (trangender fashion icon / model), Nicole Stark (actress), and Bella Graham (fashion strategist / journalist). It’s a fittingly chic video for the foxy tune. Smoke Season recently announced a merchandise line featuring one-of-a-kind vintage styles designed by lead singer, Gabrielle Wortman. The line’s first round of merchandise sold out within 12 hours of being launched. You can grab Wolves as a single, here.

December 12, 2017

Lana Del Rey’s smoky melancholy, the inky prowling bewitchment of Lorde, and Teddy Sinclair’s smoldering noire-pop allure seem to encrust Blood Diamonds, a flushed scorcher of an electronic pop anthem from Irish singer songwriter Áine Cahill. Producer Courage lays down a tense searing bed of electronica over which charismatic Áine Cahill croons with her whiskey soaked voice. They say ‘diamonds are a girl’s best friend”, but there’s always been a sinister side to our greed for those shiny stones, too. Áine Cahill encapsulates that dismal decadence on her sultry yet barbed single, an utterly bewitching ballad out on iTunes, here.

December 12, 2017

I’m pretty sure I’ve found a new French pop obsession now that I’ve stumbled upon the quirky, noire-tinged folk pop of Baptism, which comes from Halo Maud, a Parisian singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who just signed to Heavenly Recordings. It’s a strange but addictive world that she welcomes us into in the video for the mysterious and hypnotic, heady and bewitching tune, whose clattering percussion and simmering groove remind me of fellow French artist JAIN, but with an experimental folk meets art pop vibe. As its title might suggest, there’s a dark mythical quality to Baptism, which is lifted from Halo Maud’s Du Pouvoir EP, out now and available from iTunes, here. Watch the music video for the title track below, whose slick dreamy groove and classic French pop aura is a far cry from Baptism, proving Halo Maud’s much alluring versatility. 

November 25, 2017

Long time IHM fans might recall a band named Black Gold Buffalo whom we posted about many years ago. The London based band, lead by smoky voiced chanteuse Keziah Stilwell, has been quiet on the music front for a very long time, but we’re happy to report that they’re back with a sensational new song named Pearls Deep. It’s a smoldering affair as Black Gold Buffalo drenches us with post-punky, inky noire art rock on their new song, whose slow burn ferocity recalls bands like Pumarosa and Savages, with some of the feisty guitar prickles of Foals. All hail the return of this charismatic four piece as they immediately drum up a whole lot of buzz with a song as magnetic and spectacular as Pearls Deep. You can snag the song from iTunes, here. Let’s hope this is the beginning of a new string of releases from Black Gold Buffalo.

October 30, 2017

Chloë Black, formerly CHLØË BLACK, thoroughly bewitched us a few years prior when she made her debut on 27 Club, a gorgeous song steeped in glamorous tragedy and Lana Del Rey meets Amy Winehouse like vibes. The singer songwriter, who’s a London resident and an Australia native, has been silent for a very long time. As fans, we’ve been wondering what she’s been up to. Chloë Black makes a splendid re-entrance with Waterbed, a bittersweet entrancing, smoky soulful noire-pop gem of which she says: “I grew up partly in Seattle during the nineties and because of that grunge has a big place in my heart.  ‘Waterbed’ is symptomatic of my nineties nostalgia but shot through a 2017 lens.  I don’t want to say too much about it because I prefer when people are able to interpret things their own way; but I will say that to me the song is more than just literal.” Nostalgic grunge and retro pop intertwine seamlessly on this gorgeous Lana Del Rey, Cults, and Banks hybrid. Keep up with this ever magnetic artist on her website, here.