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July 8, 2016

In the past months, London based singer songwriter Elle Watson has captivated me with her first singles, but she takes that bewitchment to a whole new level with third song Phantom. The song’s name is a representation of “a feeling that can’t be described, but something you can’t ignore”. Well there’s no ignoring the brilliance of Elle Watson, especially now, after she’s transfixed us with this stunning beauty. Phantom is silken smooth, but underneath its surface is a dark turbulence lurching and heaving with poignant emotion. At the center of it all is Elle Watson’s exceptional voice. Phantom’s gradual crescendo and powerful build evokes James Blake and Lapsley, while her sensational vocals are seductive, soulful, and smoky, like a blend of Banks with Lianne La Havas. Phantom is a heartbreaking, tense moving ballad, and it speaks volumes about Elle Watson and her talent.

November 15, 2015

Swedish trio DNKL dropped a video for their electronic ‘noir pop’ single Otherside. Otherwide’s muted dance beats and soft, airy vocals are fluidly enveloping and lusciously overwhelming. Its entrancing wave of ebbing and flowing synths are darkly euphoric, their glowing heat near palpable as they simmer and hang in the air about us, burning with an eternal yearning. DNKL’s video for the atmospheric song is nearly as captivating as the song. Otherside is available now on iTunes via Different Recordings.

Sir Sly – Marvin’s Room (Drake Cover)

February 26, 2014

Now, THIS, this gave me some mad chills when I first heard it this morning. Y’all remember Los Angeles trio Sir Sly? They had that amazing, sultry dark pop song named Gold last year, among other fantastic tunes. Well, today, they give us a cover. A Drake cover. Yep. You read that right. Sir Sly covered Marvin’s Room. And what can I say?…. WOW. It’s gorgeous. It’s beautiful. It made me melt into my seat. Combined with the visual effect of what looks like the Niagara Falls running in reverse, I found myself stunned. The sparse approach and gentle touch of the cover expresses such heartbreaking vulnerability.