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June 22, 2017

Superorganism, the ear turning new collective of musicians from both Maine and London, certainly have a handle on things when it comes to eccentric alt and electro pop. Their prior single It’s All Good was the epitome of peculiar bubbling, experimental burbling brilliance, and now they’ve followed it up with Nobody Cares. They douse us with another burst of whizzing synths, bouncing beats, and glitchy aesthetics on this minced charmer. Watch the trippy visuals they’ve put together for the song via the music video below. 

August 26, 2015

There’s a bevy of talent from Sweden at any given moment with the ability to set my heart and soul afire with their music, but the range of sound and genre, even just under the big umbrella name of pop, can be very complex and varied. Sweden songbird LÉON’s sultry electronic pop is smoky and husky, reminding me more of the Tove Lo side of the Swedish pop scene.


follows up on last month’s Tired Of Talking debut with a new infectious jam named Nobody Cares. Incandescent ripples of electronic playfulness pair up with Nobody Care’s inescapably hooking melody to give us one of the year’s catchiest female pop tunes to date.