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November 2, 2017

Austrian producer NINSKI is a sonic puppeteer. We dance like puppets to his new original, Puppets, featuring sassy sweet vocals by Australian songstress LUNA MAY. The spry flickering, brisk bouncing future bass found on Puppets is nothing short of vivaciously exhilarating, and its mellifluous swerving pop is irresistibly infectious. Download the track for free, here.

October 25, 2016

MOOSIQ MOSAIC : 10.21.2016 – 10.23.2016

Featured music – October 21-23, 2016

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October 24, 2016

Last month, RAINSFORD, or LA based NYC native Rainey Qualley, released a soulful pop gem named Too Close, and it’s the sort of song you can’t help but close your eyes and sway to sensually with pictures of your crush spinning through your mind. NY’s Mickey Valen, who seriously never seems to take any time off from crafting fine remixes and jams, reunite’s with Austra’s Ninski for a sexy gyrating remix. They amp up the song’s tempo, turning it into a jazzy opulent, balmy weightless confection. This Too Close is a flirtatious tease, sweet and coy, playful and enticing. You can download Ninski and Mickey Valen’s coquettish remix, here.

October 13, 2016

Young Los Angeles starlet Billie Eilish has quickly established herself as an enchanting purveyor of beautifully moving, delicately stirring pop music, having given us amazing songs like Ocean Eyes and Six Feet Under within a relatively short span of time. It’s that latter song which we re-visit today, courtesy of a breathtakingly cinematic remix by Austria’s Ninski and New York’s ever proficient and productive Mickey Valen. Their remix opens gently with the tranquil pattering of rain and a soft rumbling of thunder. Yet the air feels heavy, and the anguish in Billie Eilish’s delicately captivating voice only adds to the weight of the moment. Slowly but surely, this future bass tempest breaks, building to great heights of splendor then diving with turbulent grace, prompting within us some dark and deep soul searching. The esoteric answers to life we seek may not be waiting for us at the end of the track, but we will be left serenely content as the introspective remix peacefully fades into a halcyon rain. Mickey Valen and Ninski’s astounding remix of Billie Eilish’s Six Feet Under can be downloaded for free, here.

September 24, 2016

The regal pounding, melodic enchanting mannerism of Neighborhoods is my first introduction to all three talents involved on this song. Neighborhoods is a three way collaboration between Austrian producer Ninski, New York singer songwriter Bri Tolani, and East Coast producer WILES. I wind my way through the streets of these Neighborhoods, lured around dimly lit corners by the trio’s future bass. Neighborhoods flickers and flares, lighting my path. Download the track for free, here.