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October 24, 2017

Hundred Waters’ new album Communicating might be out digitally, but its physical release won’t be arriving until this Friday. This means, I won’t be able to receive my CD copy of the album for a few more days. The wait is tormenting. After all, I’ve loved this Floridian art rock and indietronica band for awhile now, and I can never resist Nicole Miglis’ gossamer and ethereal voice. The stunning video for album single Firelight will more than tide me over in the meantime. Artist and director James R. Eads has created a beautiful animated film utilizing big-brush drawings. It’s a fine accompaniment for Hundred Waters’ shadowy yet fantastical, entrancing and soothing lullaby, a gorgeous minimalist composition that oozes such twilight magic. Order your copy of Communicating from major retailers, here.

September 12, 2017

I’m hoping that behemoth of a hurricane named Irma didn’t do too much damage to Hundred Waters’ friends and family, considering the art rock and experimental electronic three piece hails from Florida. It almost seems strangely fitting that we’re sharing their new song after the storm has lashed the Sunshine State. It’s named Wave To Anchor, and its one of their danciest and most uptempo tastes off soon to arrive new album Communicating that we’ve heard so far. It twirls and whirs deliriously, but in the eye of it all is Nicole Miglis’ ever haunting and ethereal voice, giving the song a fascinating dichotomy both surreal and vivacious, textured and rapturous. New album Communicating arrives on September 14th via OWSLA.

August 31, 2017

Enigmatic producer ‘i dont do crowds’ hails from Florida, and he must have a penchant for his fellow Floridian musicians, because he’s transformed one of my favorite art rock and folktronica bands from the Sunshine State a beautiful chill electronic makeover on Somewhere In Between. Some of Jai Wolf’s panoramic future trap permeates the atmospheric and ambient, summery and surreal track. Somewhere In Between is prime for summer chilling and epic daydreaming. Nicole Miglis’ haunting vocals are embedded in a wondrous soundscape consisting of organic swelling future bass and ethereal chopping chill trap. The starry eyed track is a free download, here.

August 16, 2017

One of my greatest regrets this past weekend is that I couldn’t get out of work early enough on Friday to make it to Outside Lands Music Festival in time for Hundred Waters’ 12:45pm set. If you’ve been with IHM for awhile, you likely know how much I love this Florida art rock, folktronica, and experimental electronic trio. I can never resist Nicole Miglis’ beautiful haunting voice, or the band’s always imaginative songs. I can only hope the band will head out on tour again once they release their new full length, Communicating, on September 14th. Until then, we get to sink into the pensive sonic ocean that is new album taste Fingers, a hypnotic folktronica piece whose fusion of organic and electronic elements is pure twilight magic. Fingers is a surreal and lush undulation that feels more like hundreds of fingers than just the usual five per hand. Every one of those digits leave us quivering in haunted bliss. The music video that accompanies Fingers takes a rather literally interpretation of that same feeling, except if you’re not fond of creepy crawlies with a lot of legs and antennas, you may want to look away. I’m not normally bothered by a bug or two, but a whole bunch of them would leave me with phantom itches. Yet, despite all the creatures in this video, I find the effect absent, thanks to the aural accompaniment of Fingers. There’s a strange beauty and assuaging tranquility to it, instead. You can grab the new song from major retailers, here.

July 14, 2017

Just as we had so ardently hoped, the string of new songs we’ve been gleefully embracing from Hundred Waters in the past couple of months were signs of an impending new album. The Florida based art rock and experimental electronic trio announced Communicating today, and the full length is set to arrive on September 14th. Hundred Waters has also shared a new single from the album named Blanket Me, and it’s a cathartic hymnal, to say the least. Nicole Miglis’ ever evocative vocals lead us through a piano driven, intense gripping soundscape lit up with a crescendo of emotion. I nearly need to gasp for breath as the song nears its closure, Blanket Me is that compelling and powerful a listen. Blanket Me is available from major retailers, here. We’ll be on the hunt for more updates regarding Communicating, including pre-ordering links, of course.

June 4, 2017

Hundred Waters’ art rock and folktronica has always been astoundingly bewitching, partly due to its gorgeously haunting soundscapes, and partly because of Nicole Miglis’ remarkable voice. The Florida trio’s new EP, Currency, is no different. Apart from previously shared songs like Currency and Particle, this can’t miss record also includes this magnficent opener, Jewel In My Hands. It’s an ambrosial gust of airy whirring beauty and the perfect lead in to the magical journey that is Currency. Stream Currency in full on Soundcloud, here. Download from Hundred Waters’ website, here.

May 15, 2017

I nearly bounced off my walls in elation last week when Florida’s Hundred Waters suddenly re-emerged from the shadows with a bewitching new single named Particle. I can never resist their experimental electronica and eccentric art rock, and I’ve been missing them dearly since 2014 album The Moon Rang Like A Bell, one of my top albums of that year. Hundred Waters has since followed Particle up with this dusky swelling electropop single, Currency, the title track from a surprise new EP.  Currency is dark and atmospheric, and it carves deep into the soul with its ominous synths, accompanied by Nicole Miglis’ spellbinding vocals. For more on the new EP, visit their website, here. Even more good news comes our way from Hundred Waters in the form of a fresh album, due to arrive later this year on OWSLA.