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March 8, 2018

We aren’t done with our ZHU kick for the night just yet. While we’d love to spend the rest of the night with ZHU and Tame Impala’s My Life on endless repeat, we’re also more than happy to raise the energy level several notches with a hard and heavy remix that comes courtesy of California’s own NGHTMRE. The producer has given ZHU and Ekali’s Blame a raucous and unruly, tumultuous and jarring edit that boasts some nasty drops and filthy chops. While it’s not the most strident and vehement NGHTMRE track we’ve ever enjoyed, the trap and bass remix achieves a perfect balance in texture, restraint, and release. To put it simply, it’s a wicked track. And it’s available, here.

November 29, 2017

We called NGHTMRE and Snails’ collaboration Only Want You, which features Akylla, a face melting, brain jarring affair when it came out a couple months back. Its melodic hooks and vehement bass gets an extra boost of gritty jolting, acerbic sawing, and metallic whomping energy on a ferocious dubstep/electro trap remix by LA producer Kompany, who we’d love to keep company with since he slings such wicked bass and banging beats. Kompany promises a lot more new stuff soon. You can snag his remix of Only Want U free, here.

September 27, 2017

It’s a face melting, brain jarring North American affair as Canadian producer Snails partners up with California’s own esteemed beats and bass slinger NGHTMRE on Only Want U. The rambunctious and vociferous dubstep knockout packs a whole lot of heat and punch, and it features piquant vocals by Akylla. Melodic hooks and strident assaults of uproarious bass alternate on this battle ready, mechanical whirring anthem. Only Want U is the second single from Snails’ forthcoming album. It’s a limited free download, here.

September 8, 2017

It’s strange how a man who’s chosen to go by the pseudonym NGHTMRE could bring us such sublime sonic joy. But that’s exactly what this SoCal production sensation has been doing for quite some time, and this time around, he’s united with Australian duo Carmada (LDRU + Yahtzel) as well as satin voiced Australian crooner Xavier Dunn to do it. Embrace kicks off succulent smooth and buttery sleek, with riveting percussive patterns. It’s exactly like its namesake; it drapes around us, surrounds us, holds us. But this talent studded track soon reaches a precarious edge as it makes an intensely wired trap drop replete with dirty bass and jouncing beats. Embrace is epic and exhilarating, and the perfect balance between all three projects’ sounds. Embrace is out on Mad Decent. Snag it, here.

June 7, 2017

New music from Swedish duo Galantis is a major event, one that usually leads to a flurry of new remixes and edits from producers from all around. The pair surprised us a month ago when they gave us a sparkly lulling anthem named Hunter instead of their usual gallantly dashing, brightly jouncing fare. If it’s a harder, faster, stronger Hunter that you’re craving for, SoCal legend NGHTMRE and fellow Californian Rickyxsan are here to deliver the jolt you need. NGHTMRE & Rickyxsan have linked up to give us a strident jarring, gloriously thrilling beast of a trap, bass, & dubstep remix. The track is lifted from an official remix EP for Galantis’ Hunter. The EP is out on Big Beat Records and it also features remixes by Henry Fong and Mike Williams, as well as a Galantis & Misha K VIP.

April 18, 2017

Be careful not to trip over yourself in dizzied excitement like I did when I first caught wind of this astronomic collaboration. It’s a legendary Southern California affair as NGHTMRE and Ghastly come together for staggering thrills on walloping new Mad Decent track, End Of The Night. Carnal jolting drops, laser cut synths, and dirty whomping bass make End Of The Night a true decent into exhilarating madness. It’s a spine tingling, adrenaline pumping smorgasbord of trap and bass, dubstep and house. NGHTMRE and Ghastly’s jam may be named End Of The Night, but there’s no way you can call it a night after this high octane joy ride. Purchase the hard hitting banger from major outlets, here.

April 9, 2017

DJ Snake’s Here Comes The Night, featuring Mr. Hudson, is at the receiving end of some spectacular re-imaginings by major production heavy weights. The Grammy nominated producer has even enlisted ever incredible NGHTMRE for an edit, who gives us a surprisingly chill and melodic version of the song. We embark on a cosmic waltz underneath a twilight sky to NGHTMRE’s brassy prismatic future trap dalliance. The new remix pack for DJ Snake’s Here Comes The Night also features an acoustic version and edits by Crankdat, Junkie Kid, and Shockone. You can stream them all on DJ Snake’s Soundcloud, here.

January 20, 2017

I must admit, it’s hard to go wrong when you’re re-shaping the landscape on a song as catchy as Pegboard Nerds, NGHTMRE, and Krewella’s supernova collaboration, Superstar, but LA’s Unlike Pluto truly takes us to galactic levels of ecstasy with his aerial swooping remix. This phenomenal trap edit is a high flying dasher, a breezy squall of a sleek teetering, lavish zagging anthem. 

January 7, 2017

The galactic enchantment that is GG Magree featuring Frontlines, or Canadian legends Zeds Dead’s hot collaboration with buzzing production star NGHTMRE, goes panoramic technicolor on a breathtaking remix by HUXTER, a producer to watch from Denver, Colorado. While I often call electronic tracks “cinematic”, this one truly lives up to the adjective. It soars magnificently, a vast stirring future bass and trap affair. Just don’t forget to breath during its beautifully drawn out build up so you don’t pass out before it’s cathartic drop. I don’t know what it is about the Denver area, but the world’s best melodic bass seems to come from its great heights. You can download HUXTER’s remix for free, here. For one of his stunning originals, take sprawling trap opus Arrival for a spin below.

January 7, 2017

Though this one surfaced somewhat later in the day, I knew immediately it’s a track that must be shared right away. In fact, I knew even before I listened to it this would be tremendous. As if Superstar isn’t already a swamp of incredible talent, the Pegboard Nerds and NGHTMRE collaboration featuring Krewella as guests has been remixed by none other than brilliant Greek producer Aero Chord. Aero Chord gave me one of my favorite electronic EPs of 2016 in the form of Love & Hate. He now returns to present us with a grand sweeping electro trap take on wildly infectious Superstar. Aero Chord’s remix is dramatic and regal, a majestic and expansive adventure you can snag for free, here.