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August 5, 2017

I really hope I get to meet Lil Hank someday. Not only is he the most handsome little pup on earth, but he’s a fine little “music maker”, too. Lil Hank is practically Next Wave Records’ beloved mascot, and he’s such great pals with so many other stellar music purveyors. Lil Hank made a dreamy sublime remix for his uncle, Jai Wolf, the other day. Float into sweet oblivion on the canine wonder’s fleecy remix of Mr Gabriel featuring Starlight. Lil Hank’s cosmic beams of starlight stay close to Jai Wolf’s luminescent original, affording us a new opportunity to dissolve into the esteemed producer’s soothing future aria. Lil Hank says (or barks and woofs) that his edit was going to be an official remix on Spotify/Apple, but he accidentally pooped all over the car on the way back from EDC this year. Accidents happen, it’s all good, Lil Hank. Thanks for letting us partake in your heavenly rendition of Starlight, anyway. Stream the original below, which is out now on Mom + Pop, here

April 9, 2017

Next Wave Records is on point again delivering the crème de la crème with the release of SYRE’s Next To Me. The rising talent from Vancouver sends us to cloud nine with his tranquil lifting, airy lulling single. Not only does it feel like we’re right “next to him” when lost in the velvety drapes of this song, but it feels like SYRE’s all around us. We dissolve into Next To Me’s woolly warm vocals as we dive into its fleecy atmospheric production. Next To Me, out now on iTunes, comes with a music video whose open desert roads and futuristic scenery are fine companions to the song’s celestial beauty and sprawling ambiance. Watch the video on Facebook, here.

December 21, 2016

Next Wave Records, always keen on presenting us only the best of the best, has unveiled the very first track from Kidwaste’s forthcoming EP, and it’s a beauty to behold. More Colors, which features Chelsea Cutler on delicately captivating, feathery gliding vocals, is one of the year’s most breathtaking electronic arias. The French producer has fashioned an ambient and ethereal dreamscape that walks a fine line between future beats and indie. More Colors is a gently pulling current whose chromatic sparkles and tender intimacy renders heaven and earth inseparable. I find myself filled with wonder, but at the same time, I’m reminded of how small I am, and how minuscule my worries are in light of all that exists. Kidswaste’s first taste from his Spleen EP is nothing short of a breathtaking experience. Purchase the single from iTunes as we await Spleen’s arrival on February 24th.

November 12, 2016

It’s been seven plus months since Bearson’s last original, a smashing hit that I’m still head over heels for today named Want You. The Norwegian artist and Next Wave Records co-founder is undoubtedly a favorite rising star on my list of producers to watch. As such, I’ve been eagerly awaiting his next song. After the prolonged absence, Bearson makes his return in dashing style with One Step At A Time, a juicy succulent, lithe springing ballad that features soulful alluring vocals by Natalola, an artist we last heard on Exit Friendzone and Two Friends’ Overdose. One Step At A Time is balmy lush and frisky effervescent. The summer sparkling, honey coated enchanter can be purchased or streamed at various channels, here.

November 2, 2016

Young Los Angeles talent Billie Eilish cast a spell upon the world with songs like Ocean Eyes and Six Feet Under earlier this year, quickly springing up to be one of the most beloved watched pop starlets of the moment. As a result, many brilliant producers have expressed their love of her music through various interpretations of said songs. There are perhaps none as more intriguing and unique to date as Jerry Folk’s remix of Six Feet Under. The Norwegian producer gives the melancholic ballad a ghostly echoing, synth oscillating downtempo edit, one I find darkly gripping and beautifully breathtaking. Jerry Folk’s remix of Six Feet Under is his first in awhile after having focused on his stunning originals this past year, but what a way to make a return to the editing spectrum this is. 

August 23, 2016

Norway’s Jerry Folk continues to fire off one after another incredible electronic jams, leaving in me a deep craving for another wild night out dancing with a sweaty crowd to his live set. Though I can’t stop thinking of the memorable night when he viciously and vivaciously slayed Popscene in San Francisco, he turns down a notch with a dusky slow burner tonight. Life Under Water, which features ravishing vocals by seemingly omnipresent Los Angeles talent Nevve, is a spacious pumping future bass and jazzy soul cut that warbles and lingers long in the air. From atmospheric cliffs we’re taken to delicate, tender valleys, then propelled back up to the apex. It’s a cinematic journey, full of sentimental vitality. If this is what life submerged in water is like, then sign me right up. Life Under Water is available now from iTunes via Next Wave Records.

July 26, 2016

It’s been over a month since Norwegian producer Jerry Folk made his San Francisco debut at Popscene, but the strength of that magnificent set still resonates strong in the air. An adrenaline rush kicks in and I feel my heart pumping faster just reminiscing about that night and the way Jerry lit up the crowd with his music. Jerry Folk’s fresh new jam Stanley, which features guests Tommellie & WoodzSTHLM, is a vivid melodic, chill wavy masterpiece that transports me back to the thick of that evening. Stanley feels like an epic story, and it tells a tale that feels very familiar. In the midst of its meditative future beats and funky flourishes lie searing memories of your own past, metaphysical photographs stowed away in the heart that bubble to the surface at the beckoning of Jerry Folk’s deeply reflective summery dance jam. It overcomes us with a wave of blissful nostalgia. Stanley can be downloaded for free over at Toneden.

July 5, 2016

Fresh off delivering us one of the year’s most thrilling electronic sets at Popscene in San Francisco but a few weeks ago, Norwegian producer Jerry Folk has unleashed his new The Kids Tape in full. This four track compendium, which Jerry previously explained is not an EP or an album but a series that represents what he’s doing at the moment, opens with a moving gem named Kids. The ambient electronica of Kids,

backed by the sound of children playing, is uplifting yet beautifully melancholic at the same time. Kids is like a dusty music box hidden in the attic, magically enchanting yet full of worn memories. You open it up, and out comes hope and youth, age and time… things we increasingly contemplate the older we get, oftentimes with much ennui or anguish. Kids is a mellow soothing lullaby. It reminds us that a bright eyed, virtuous beaming kid is still within us all. As the track’s grandeur slowly builds, so do our hearts replenish with sanguine wonder. Watch the visually stunning music video for Kids below via La Belle Musique’s YouTube channel. Stream Jerry Folk’s The Kids Tape on Soundcloud.

May 20, 2016

Any reason to re-share Bearson’s Want You, featuring Cal, is enough to embark on a re-visit of one of my favorite electronic songs this year, much less a reason like this one. The Norwegian producer has unleashed a music video for the electro pumping, pop enamoring gem, and It leaves me unable to resist diving back into Cal’s smoky vocals and Bearson’s lustrously addicting, vibrantly chugging production yet again. As expected from the start, Want You has been madly popular in the month or so it’s been out, racking up near 1 million streams on Soundcloud already. Its infectious brilliance is obvious. Plus, who doesn’t relate to the urgent desire and yearning radiating from the bittersweet beauty? Want You’s video takes us to a laundromat, where some tenacious flirting and coquettish antics occur. If this is what it’s like to do laundry in a laundromat rather than at home, I know where I’m going with my dirty clothes! I’m finding myself a laundromat, where a handsome producer from Norway might be hanging out, so that we can dance the night away together. Are laundromat dance parties even a thing? Because they should be. Want You is available from various outlets via Next Wave Records, here.

May 10, 2016

When you’re trying to convince someone that you’re not a gangster, it might actually help if you didn’t drop a sensational new tune named “I’m Honestly Not A Gangster”. To be truly straightforward honest, I’ve always thought Jerry Folk is “gangsta”, but in the slang sense that he’s an exceptionally talented producer who drops incredible music. The Norwegian producer (and Next Wave Records artist) exhibits that brilliance to the nines on his latest jam. Jerry Folk goes chill future funk on swaggering I’m Honestly Not A Gangster. Hip hop meets house in a chic resplendent fashion on the frisky tune. The song’s so cool, it makes me feel cool too, if only for a short but satisfying four minutes long. I can’t wait to feel cool in front of other people when I catch Jerry Folk live in June during his San Francisco stop at Popscene on tour. Grab your copy of I’m Honestly Not A Gangster, here, and check out Jerry Folk’s US tour dates, here.