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May 30, 2018

Noah and the Whale is a band I’ll miss for all eternity, having fallen head over heels for the Charlie Fink-lead band circa 2009 when they released their second album The First Days Of Spring. I’m infinitely glad that Charlie Fink is still active in the music scene, but it’s been a year since we shared his last dusty folk pop charmer, I Was Born To Be A Cowboy. Well, all my fretting and wondering about when he’d reappear has been put to rest now that Charlie Fink has suddenly surfaced with a new double-A side single. Stream My Heartbeat Lost Its Rhythm above and Anywhere below. Both are massive stunners. Anywhere is a fresh interpretation of Fink’s solo album track ‘Anywhere You’re Going, Is On My Way’ which was originally a delicate folk offering, but Fink has completely re-invented the track with 80s electronic beats and driving synth lines that remind me of Bleachers. My Heartbeat Lost Its Rhythm is also a resplendent thrummer. The song, which Fink recorded in 2015, perfectly complements Anywhere with its soaring synthpop choruses and new wavy flourishes. Of course, at the center of both tracks is Fink’s ever recognizable voice, which always has a special place in my heart. Both voluminous tunes are available, here.

May 11, 2018

MOOSIQ MOSAIC : 05.04.2018 – 05.10.2018

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