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April 11, 2018

As we dive into a brand new tune from Toronto’s NEW CITY, I feel like we’ve gone full circle. It was almost exactly a year ago that the alt/electro-pop outfit made their debut with Coachella, and now we get to share Getting Closer just as many of my music friends are preparing to make their annual pilgrimage to the festival these next few weekends. NEW CITY’s Coachella was an instant success, as expected, as was their following releases. They’ve since signed to Mosley (Timbaland’s new label) and Universal. Balmy electronica and infectious pop hooks abound on new single Getting Closer, which explores the ups and downs that come with chasing dreams and the courage it takes to trust yourself. The song is a declaration of empowerment, a mellifluous feel good anthem to carry us into the summer months. Getting Closer is available from major outlets, here.

June 5, 2017

Toronto’s NEW CITY turned many a heart into slush last month when they debuted with a sticky, steamy alt R&B and electro pop single named Coachella. The trio returns to heat us back up with a second song named Dirty Secrets. The gooey pumping jam straddles the line between dance pop and R&B pop. They’ve revealed a darker side to their smoldering sound with this new hybrid single. Lead singer Adrian Mitchell states: “Dirty Secrets describes a relationship between two people that aren’t really supposed to be together, but the sexual tension is way too ahrd to ignore.”

April 8, 2017

I know Coachella is coming up on us fast. Perhaps that’s why there’s been a sudden influx of songs that have Coachella in their title. Either way, there’s no doubt this new project, NEW CITY, is a new must. The pop trio arrive out of Toronto with molten simmering confidence on Coachella, their sultry burning debut single. Its dark electro pop and sticky alt R&B set a more than sexy tone. NEW CITY’s single is the perfect late night anthem for when you return to camp after the headliners close out the festival stages at Coachella. Watch the music video for Coachella below.