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April 20, 2018

Nevermind that BRUNSWICK is but 19 years old, this Londoner’s talent obviously outshines his years. He’s described by some as a new breed of performer, a writer & producer who makes totally immersive hybrid music, with roots placed in many music sub-cultures. ‘nevermine’, his explosive new single, showcases that eclectic personage with its “Rhythm & Grunge”, an exhilarating and gritty combination of alt rock, electro, and drum & bass. The song is about momentarily falling in love with someone that was never going to be yours to begin with. “It’s about hoping for something that will never come, and watching it all fall apart in front of your eyes.” In otherwords, it’s an anthem of desperation, crafted with riveting finesse. Perhaps “rhythm & grunge” is an extension of what some have coined “post-EDM” lately, but it’s most certainly a unique and striking new sound that we can’t put down. Follow along with BRUNSWICK’s releases on Soundcloud, here.

March 24, 2017

The raw vigor and earnest passion that imbues Trigger sends ecstatic chills through the core of my being. The song is a trigger indeed, a trigger of powerfully affecting, turbulently fulminating emotion. It’s also my first introduction to Florida based Atlanta native Caroline Lazar, whose talent is glaringly apparent on this vehement tune, a track from an EP just released named Nevermine. The alt and indie rock singer songwriter belts the song out with impassioned assurance, her raspy brooding vocals transfixing me to the utmost. The title track from Caroline Lazar’s Nevermine, which you can find belowis a must listen, too. It’s a slow building, fervidly pastoral beauty on which Caroline Lazar seems to continue to bare all. You can also stream Trigger via Soundcloud below. Caroline Lazar’s Nevermine EP is out now on iTunes.