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May 24, 2017

New Belgian production duo Madou emerged from the shadows but two weeks ago with, not their first single, but a prologue of sorts in the form of a luxuriant rippling electronic piece named Changing. We were immediately impressed by the glassy melodic, finely textured fusion of house, garage, and techno. That introduction to long time friends Jochen Sablon and Vincent De Boec convinced us we had to keep a close watch out for their actual debut single. Nowhere Else arrives via Nest HQ to enchant us with Bonobo like chimes, Tourist like deep rumbling house, and that same intricate texture that we found so ever enthralling on Changing. Its dynamic consistency and meticulous percussion recalls the genius of producers like Four Tet, Jamie xx, and Pional. Madou has plenty more to share as the rest of the year progresses, and we’re all ears. Download Nowhere Else from Nest HQ, here.

May 7, 2017

Australian producer cln, or Callan Alexander, hasn’t dropped any fresh original material since we were lucky enough to chat with him on his debut North American tour late last summer (check out Nick’s interview, here), though he did bless us with an amazing remix of Elephante’s Plans, featuring Brandyn Burnette. This dry spell of sorts left us more than thirsty for his finespun electronica, so it’s with great joy that we encountered the Nest HQ premiere of new song Breathe. Take that deep breath and sink into the evocative opus. Breathe, which Callan wrote, produced, and sang on, is a mellifluous gut punch of a dreamy seance awash in introspective and downtempo future bass. Its ethereal chimes and poignant vocals take us on a powerfully stirring journey through the deepest regions of the heart. Breathe is a free download, here.

March 4, 2016

NEST HQ premiered this jaw dropping jam earlier today, and honestly, there’s really nowhere to go but up once the glorious chops and high energy rhythm of Kid Froopy’s UP takes over your world. The enigmatic leaves me spinning with his dizzying, intoxicating nightcore confection, which apparently is now called “160″ too, due to its intense speed. To be frank, Kid Froopy takes nightcore to a whole new level with UP, stripping away some of the usual happy hardcore like pitchy vocals and video game tendencies of other nightcore tracks and replacing them with ethereal vocals and rippling depth, kindling a deeper evolution of the genre. Head to Soundcloud to download UP.

January 18, 2016

I literally felt chills creeping up my spine last week while I was listening to this producer from Miami named Havok Roth, who dishes out a blazing brand of hard hitting bass music. It’s a head jarring, brain rattling thrill ride on his first track of the year, a blood pressure raising trap inferno named Mothership which premiered with Nest HQ. Havok Roth will have you wired for days. If you’re new to Havok Roth as I was last week, you’ll want to continue with more of his craftmanship after the eye widening, jaw dropping, jolting experience on Mothership. Plunge into a tumultuous sea of shocking drops and monumental escalations on Havok Roth’s remix of Jay Cosmic’s Supercell down below. Mothership is a free download, here, and the Jay Cosmic remix is also free, here.

November 17, 2015

Today, I encountered music by one enigmatic beachboy, and I loved how it sounded a little like happy hardcore of my old raver days, and how it reminded me of PC Music and some of my other favorite chiptune crazed production acts. Turns out, beachboy’s music is what some consider nightcore, and he, or they, have taken some classics and transformed them into caffeinated, colorful masses of warped electronic ecstasy. Stream beachboy’s T0uch above, and then hit up die for the summ3r below too. And get ready to get tossed into a world of frenetic bpms and pixie vocal chops. I love it. If you want to learn more about the nightcore movement, you can visit an excellent article on Nest HQ. As the article states, “For those of us who grew up on trance and happy hardcore, it feels like a return to our roots”. 

October 28, 2015

Cryptex is, apparently, a well rounded individual. Not only is the 22 year old resident of Los Angles an actor who’s been on television series The Walking Dead and Sleepy Hollow, but he’s also an experienced producer that’s worked with MTV and released an EP. Cryptex is currently preparing to drop a sophomore EP named Nightwatch, and the first single, The Fall, has swiftly and firmly taken hold of my imagination and soul. The Fall is theatrical and dramatic, with a stalwart force that seems invincible. The gloriously epic trap and electro number, which debuted on Nest HQ, takes us on an adventure that seems to cross space and time. It tells a glorious tale of past and future, fantasy and reality. The dark and glitchy jam heaves and pitches with tense and noble grandeur. It could very well soundtrack an electrifying moment on one of the shows he stars in, easily, and it would add so much to the effects. Cryptex’s EP, Nightwatch, drops on November 13th via Orphic Recordings. Pre-order here.

August 11, 2015

That’s right, kids, we’re not done yet with the Where Are Ü Now (Ember Island version) remixes yet, not by a mile. The cover of the hit by Jack Ü, or Skrillex and Diplo, has already spawned so many edits over the past months. Joining the ranks of the best is this remix by a producer from Berkeley named Minnesota that premiered on Skrillex’s NEST HQ. Minnesota capitalizes on the more feathery vibes given off in the Ember Island cover, magnifying the ambient atmosphere on the track and giving the song a wondrously chiming, cooly refreshing remix. It’s wonderfully ethereal and beautifully fantastical, an other worldly track levitating with a wistful beauty.

July 2, 2015

Hailing from Australia is a sick producer named Wongo, whose new track Hollywood, featuring Sydney’s Nacho Pop is a trippy, brain jiggling, face melting tech house monster with tons of old school vibes. Hypnotically thrilling, Hollywood bounces with a wonky beat and snaps with crisp drums. The track pulses, twitches, and jabs, punctuated with gritty spoken vocals. It’s an acidic jam that evokes a heady blend of Disclosure and Aphex Twin, with a dash of LCD Soundsystem and some Soulwax. The throbbing tune premiered earlier on Skrillex’s media showcasing platform NEST HQ. This one will have my heart palpitating and pulse trembling for the rest of the night.

June 12, 2015

British artist Dornik is utterly swooning on recent single Drive, a track that heavily reminded me of both Michael Jackson and Prince. Fast rising British producer Kito turns that sexy jam into a dark and haunting future R&B jam not unlike some of The Weeknd’s music, but more heady and murky. The remix premiered on Skrillex’s talent platform NEST HQ, a testament to Kito’s production star power. Melodramatic and intense, Kito’s Drive is a monster of a refix.

June 9, 2015

I’ve been quite the fan of Denver based (San Francisco native) producer ILLENIUM’s face melting future bass meets chill step productions for some time now, and it’s been obvious that this guy is going to be a huge electronic star. His latest track is an original named I’ll Be Your Reason, released on Next HQ, Skrillex’s talent showcasing platform. On I’ll Be Your Reason, ILLENIUM goes for a brooding, simmering atmosphere, paired with intensely heavy beats and thrilling bass. The track features Irish songwriter EDEN on mournful, somber vocals. Despite its beefy beats, I’ll Be Your Reason is a mellow, melting song full of poignant emotion and fluid texture. It haunts me more with every listen.