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July 20, 2017

A graceful journey of an evocative electronic aria has been presented to us by Nemea, the very same Austrian producer who gave us opulent deep dance single Choice last month. Home ebbs and swells beautifully, like an ocean reflecting the moon and the stars on its dark reflective surface. Its lusciously refined vocals are turned in by a chanteuse named Lylli, who adds another level of elegance and mesmeric appeal to Nemea’s celestial opus. Home brims with sorrow and longing. It’s the final song on Nemea’s new EP, Tides, out now and available, here.

June 16, 2017

Both Austrian producer Nemea and Irish singer songwriter Conor Byrne are new on our radar, but they’ve certainly stopped us in our tracks with their collaborative track Choice. The opulent deep groover leaves me in a hypnotized bliss. Rotund pumping beats and Conor Byrne’s serene vocals create a sensation of floating in deep cool waters. We rise and fall with Choice’s ripples and waves, surrendering ourselves to ecstasy. Choice is available from major retailers, here.